Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sekerra Christmas Party

     The last of the Christmas Parties, we were able to attend, was last night (Dec. 29). It was the Sekerra Party. We arrived at 4:15, the party was suppose to start at 4:00, people finally started arriving about 5:45 and we had to leave to attend the Laurdine Family Baptism. So we went to the baptism and came back. By then the party was in full gear.  The children were dancing for there gifts, dinner was being served, right after the gift giving the Relief Society sang, Then the Priesthood sang, Then the youth danced, then the missionaries danced(except me, someone had to take pictures), then the youth danced again. It was great fun. What a great branch.
The food starts arriving

Elder LeFevre goofing around

Waiting for everyone to arrive

youth dancing

Missionaries dancing, Elder Rice & Elder Hanson

The Youth of the Sekerra Branch

Pres, Agrippa watching with the members of the branch

    We love the Sekerra Branch, just as we  love all the branches. We wish we could go there more often, but we try to visit all the branches, so we don't get there as often as we would like. This branch is one of the best for fellow shipping new converts and less actives. They are so friendly and love all the people that come and the one's that don't come. They are hard workers for the Lord.

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