Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Final Post Script

     We have been home from our Mission for 3 months, in just a few days.
      I don't imagine anyone will even read this post, except for us.
      We will continue to serve the people of Pohnpei, as we pick up Missionaries that are still coming, work on a committee to further more missionaries from Developing countries to be able to go on mission. and keep in touch with many through the miracle of computers and Facebook and e-mails.
     I wanted to put down some final thoughts about our mission. I have had some time to ponder on the last 2 years, as we have been to, it seems a million Doctors. I have breast cancer, there I said it, it is not going away for a while. I knew there was a problem when we were still on our mission, but I knew if we stayed and finished what we were sent to do, the Lord would bless me and HE has.  I am going to start another blog, so I can write some of the things we are learning through this new experience, but that is not what I want to write about now.
      As I have pondered the many miracles, and amazing experiences we had on Pohnpei, and also pondered what the next year holds for us, I have decided I am profoundly grateful for so many things.
      My Savior, Jesus Christ, HE is my rock, HE is my Shepard, I love HIM for giving HIS life for me. I can never repay what HE has done, so I must do my best to teach others about HIM.
     My dear Father in Heaven, I am so grateful, HE sent HIS son, as a parent, I can only slightly imagine what our Heavenly Father suffered as HE watch HIS son, suffer for all of us.
      The HOLY GHOST, I know I am NEVER alone. Even at some hard times and low points, I KNOW, I am NEVER alone. I have felt HIS comforting power. I Know HE lives.
      My sweet husband, who has always taken such good care of me and loved me. I am so grateful He honors his priesthood and is worthy to give me Priesthood blessings, and never gives me a hard time when I ask for one.
       I am profoundly grateful for the last 2 years we have spent on a beautiful Island in Micronesia, Pohnpei will always have my heart. I am so grateful this illness did not come before we went, or we would never have been sent to Pohnpei, and I would not trade our 2 years there serving the Lord for all the health in the world.
 We may not get to go again, so I am so grateful, we went when we could.
   I am grateful for my amazing family, what a great support they have been, what a great support they are now.I understand why Families are the one unit that exists in Heaven.
    I am grateful for my family on Pohnpei, you taught me so much, some things were harder lessons then others, but through it all, we always knew you loved us, and we will ALWAYS love you. Maybe one day we will be able to come back, but if not, I know we will meet again on the other side, and we will have a joyous reunion.
     In closing, words from one of my favorite Psalms, it has come to mean even more in the last few weeks.
   I will be grateful forever for the blessings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the blessing of serving a mission with my sweet, eternal, companion.