Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

 There is a tradition on the Island. The Kirinise people, that live in Pohnrociet, have a party for the missionaries. Each year, they work on gifts that are for the missionaries, and then on Christmas Eve, all the missionaries gather at the Dewyeye house and we sing, and have a spiritual message, and they give us their gifts.  They treat the missionaries so well, they have nothing and yet they give us their best gifts. I love these people and it was great for all the missionaries, to be there together on Christmas Eve. It helps us not miss all of you, our families quit so much.
For Christmas Day, we have Baptisms in Sapwalap, Uh, & Palikir & Nett, so with all the Baptisms, we will call all of you on the day after Christmas here, your Christmas.
 We love you, and wish you all a Merry  Christmas.

Mama Serina & Sis. Fatongia

Elder Kjar, Sister Beutler & Bro. Dewyeye's granddaughter

Elder Bunn, Elder Cook,  Elder Gardner

Sister Varea & Bro. Dewyeye's granddaughter

The Gifts

Sis. Varea & Sis. Beutler

Bro. Dewyeye & Elder Madill


Elder LeFevre shredding Taro

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