Saturday, December 15, 2012

Youth Day

     The District had a Youth day yesterday. All the young men and young women from all 8 of the branches came together at the Spanish Wall park, and played games and ate lunch and had a basketball competition. It was great fun.
     Elder LeFevre started the activity off with a talk about Christmas. He did a great job. Then the youth split up into teams and the games began.
    The first game was a coconut challenge. It was like a relay, but every station had something to do with coconuts. It was so fun. From there we did pyramids, then the easy dizzy, That was hilarious  the kids had to run up to a pole stuck in the ground, spin around it 20 times and then run back to their team. I laughed so hard, everyone was falling all over the place because they were so dizzy from turning around. They then had lunch and then the basketball tournament. The winners were the Palikir Team.
Red and Blue Teams

Green & White Teams

The Blue Team won the Pyramid

Sis. Agrippa, all the yellow team were the leaders

I know it looks a little weird, but they had to get the egg with there chins,
no hands

Melvin( Sapwalap Branch) & Margarita(UH Branch), 2 of our youth leaders
    It was a great day for the youth and the adults too.

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