Friday, April 27, 2012

More Glasses

We have been trying to give out some of the reading glasses that our Daughter in law, Kammie, sent to us. There ward, back home, did a collection and we received 4 boxes of glasses, most of them reading glasses, but we also got quite a few prescription bi-focals and regular glasses.  As we have been out doing Piano, or English, or just visiting families and branches, we have been trying to give out the glasses.  I know how much I love to read and I can't read without my glasses, so it is a thrill to me when someone tries on several pairs and finally finds the pair that are just right. the look of amazement on there faces is a treasure and I will never be able to get enough of. I can't imagine not being able to see to read, I am grateful to be able to give out the glasses, so others can read again.

Birthday parties

Pres. Hemon, Sis. Hemon, baby J

the 3 Sr. Sisters, wading (not swimming, because that would be against the rules)

Pres. and Sister Kalio

Swingle Hemon and Sis. Hemon

The end to a beautiful day
We were invited to a Birthday Party for several members of the District Pres. Family, we went out to Nihco Beach and it was a nice break for about 2 hours.

Zone Conference with Elder and Sister Ringwood

     We had Zone Conference and it was wonderful.  We started it off with attending a Humanitarian event.  The Church donated sewing machines and fishing supplies to one of the schools on the Island. We were able to be there at the Presentation of the items.
     Then off we went to the Kolonia Chapel to hear from our Mission President and his wife. Pres. and Sis. Mecham. and also to hear from Elder and Sister Ringwood.
       Sis. Mecham talked first and she gave a short, but amazing talk.  She talked about all the rain we get out here and how rain is life out here. Then she shared an analogy about missionary work and the rain. She said many times in Missionary work, We are the Rain. The rain comes and waters the vegetation and things grow and then they are harvested, but the rain never sees the harvest.  We are like that as missionaries, we come into peoples lives and teach them the Gospel, and many times, like the rain, we don't see the harvest. She said it is important we don't get discouraged when people don't want to hear the message of the Gospel, because just like the Rain never knows how much life here depends upon it, sometimes people we teach won't know how much they needed the rain(us), until later, when they finally understand and accept the harvest. She said, just Plant Seeds and let God worry about the Harvest, have the Faith to be the rain. I love her message, because sometimes it is hard when people don't want to listen to the missionaries, it is hard because we love them so much, we want them to have what we have. So we just keep loving them and hope that one day, God will be able to take care of the Harvest.
     Next Pres. Mecham talked, His whole talk mainly was about "Teach to Touch", he said if the only thing we do is touch someones life, so they feel the spirit, we have been successful, He said to focus on being worthy and prepared ourselves, so that the Spirit can be felt through us.  It has really made me reevaluate myself and see the many things I am lacking in, I have so many things that I need to improve on, so I will work harder at helping people to feel the spirit, and not worry about the rest.
    Next Sis. Ringwood spoke, she talked about the Atonement and what it means to each of us. She also talked about when we are having hard times, not to pray that the Lord will take them away, but that we will be able to endure them, because there is so much we learn when we struggle. She also said help people to be converted to Jesus Christ, not us as missionaries. Because it is Jesus Christ, that can truly help them.
  Next Elder Ringwood spoke, he talked about many different things, the ones that touched me the most were,that we have to follow promptings when they come, don't hesitate, just follow the promptings. He also said to Teach what cannot be taught, in other words, help people to recognize the spirit when they feel it, because it is the Spirit that teaches, not us.
    It was all wonderful, and then I was asked the next day to take Elder and Sister Ringwood and Sis. Mecham out to one of the Branches, so they could meet some of the members, I took them to Nett (Netch), They loved seeing the Nos, where the members meet for church, but even more, they got to meet Sis. Malarma, the branch Pres. wife and her daughter Wellsy (Wellsy is the mother of the little baby that died about a month ago from Chickenpox), they also met Emmwon, (he is the son in law of  Pres. and sis. Malarma. Both Elder and Sister Ringwood, were so gracious and personable, I learned so much about the reaching the One, as I watched them interact with the Malarma family. What an amazing spirit they have with them, It is not hard to see why he is a General Authority, and what a strong , good women, she is.
Elder Ringwood & Pres.Hemmon ( District Pres)

Elder Ringwood presenting the sewing machines

The Pohnpei Zone
     I learned a lot and will keep trying to be better.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Family Home Evening

     It is 10:45 p.m. and we just got back from Family Home Evening, with 3 different families.  What a wonderful evening it was.  First we went to Joseph's Home, he has a son that he has not seen for 11 1/2  years, his son has been in prison in Florida, and just got out and was deported back to Pohnpei.  This man has changed his life and is trying to do the right things now.  We also found out that Joseph has another son who has colon cancer and is in the Philippines for surgery right now. Joseph and his wife are taking care of their son's 3 small children.  They were so grateful to have us come to Family Home Evening. We had a wonderful lesson on the Word of Wisdom and the spirit was very strong.  Hearts were softened and all were edified.
   Next we went to a young lady named Meagan's house. That was a really touching experience. They live in very humble circumstances, and yet there they were gathered together, the whole family, except her Dad, having Family Home Evening.  The lesson was on being kind, and I loved it. It was about  not being kind just because we think someone else will notice, but going about doing good, quietly, so that only the Lord knows.  I loved it, I need to work on being kinder and more thoughtful of others. There were 2 sick children there and Meagan's Mom asked Elder LeFevre and the other Elders if they would give the children a Priesthood blessing. Blessings were given and prayers were said. What a great family.
     Last we went to Pres. Conrads house, he is the branch Pres. of Kitti (Kitchi), there gathered in his home were, not only his family, but half of the branch for Family Home Evening. all were sharing what they had learned at the Pacific Area Regional Conference, the things that had touched them the most, they all bore strong testimonies of what they had learned and of the Gospel.
    It was a wonderful evening, we were edified, I was ask to pray at one of the Family Home Evenings and said almost all of the prayer in Pohnpein. It was humbling to see these families gathering together and having Family Home evening, I hope my own children will be gathering there families together tonight and having family home evening with there own families.

Friday, April 20, 2012


    Do you ever have a whole lot of bad days, you wonder sometimes if you really are cut out for what your suppose to do?  Well I have had several days, that have made me pause and wonder if I am cut out for this. Now I know that it is mostly Satan working on me and I know I will get through these things, but when you are right in the middle of it, you really start to doubt yourself. Sometimes I think it is o.k. to have your own little "Pity party", as long as it doesn't go on to long.
     So after several really hard days, I am now going to pull up my bootstraps (not so figuratively speaking, it has really been pouring here) and get on with it. I have always had the philosophy that, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. So in the words of the wonderful Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley, I will "forget about myself and get to work".
      I know this gospel is true and I will go forward with Faith that my Heavenly Father will continue to help me and watch over me, as long as I do my part. So onward for the Kingdom of God.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Maverick gets baptized and a Mission call for Marlene

Deseree, Elder Tadd, Maverick, Elder Haas, Mavericks brother(in back)

      The missionaries have been teaching a great young man named Maverick, he has wanted to get baptized for a couple of months, but because he is only 14, he has to have his parents written permission, well his parents have been gone for about 2 months, so he has not been able to get there permission, he has been living with some friends, the Jim family. He is an amazing young man, and Elder Haas and Elder Tadd have done a great job teaching him and helping him learn to pray and get answers for himself.  Well His parents finally got back and they signed the papers and Maverick was baptized last Saturday. He was a little emotional when he came up out of the water, and so happy. He bore his testimony of the truthfulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the spirit was so strong. It was good to see him finally get to be baptized.

Marlene, before opening her call

Opening her mission call

Reading her Mission call

Marlene's Mom and Dad

Marlene's home

Ivoloni, Laiden, Marlene, Margerita

Marlene and the Sr. Couples
        Marlene started filling out paperwork to go on a mission about 1 year ago, between getting everything done, and getting all her interviews in, she was finally able to send in her papers on Feb. 15, 2012, Yesterday, she received her mission call, she will be serving in the Australia Melbourne Mission and she enters the MTC in the Philippines on June 9. she is so excited. She just cried as she read her mission call. She invited all of us to come to her home while she opened her call. She and her brother are the only members of the church in her family. Her parents are having a little bit of a hard time understanding why she would leave for 18 months to go to another land and teach about the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are helping her teach them about the Gospel and why this is so important to her.  Her family doesn't have a lot, so we will help her the best we can to get ready to go. She will be an amazing missionary.

Monday, April 16, 2012


     We had the opportunity of finally being able to listen to General Conference this weekend. It was wonderful. There is a whole different feeling when you meet at the church on Saturday and Sunday and watch conference with all the members. We watched the sessions and then had lunch in between with all the members. I never realized how blessed we are to be able to watch conference from our own homes, with our families. and what a blessing it is to be able to go to the conference center and see the Prophet of God and the Apostles in person. the members here just cry when they see the Prophet and Apostles and they take notes and listen intently to every word. We take so much for granted at home. I hope I never forget the feeling as we watched Conference in a little church on the Island of Pohnpei with all our beloved members.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Glasses for Pohnpei

       Hats off to the Harvest Park 5th ward, in Riverton, Utah, again.  We have noticed that there are a lot of people here who need reading glasses, so we had mentioned it to our kids. Well our son, Ben and Kammie's ward decided to help a little with the problem. They did a reading glasses drive and just sent us lots of reading glasses. We have started giving them to the people we know need them and they are so grateful, you can tell by the happy smiles on there faces.
     Many have not been able to read for a long time, only because they could not see the words. They are so excited to be able to read again.
    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, to the Harvest Park 5th ward and Ben and Kammie.

  I Poakapoakauke. ( We love you, in Pohnpein)

Bye to Elder Davis for now

Elder Davis looking sad at the airport, he is just faking it,
he is really so excited, he can/t hardly wait.

What a great group of Missionaries.

Saying goodbye to Elder Davis

We Sr. Couples will miss Elder Davis,
he has been a great help to all of us.
   Transfers came and we found out that Elder Davis is being transferred to Guam as a Zone Leader, We will miss him.  When we first got here in December Elder Davis was having health problem with kidney stones, so we got to have the blessing of taking him and Elder Gasu to a lot of there appointments and working with them.  We learned so much as we watched these 2 missionaries love and teach the people. They helped us to feel comfortable in our work as missionaries. Elder Davis will be an amazing missionary wherever he serves, but the people on Pohnpei will miss him a lot.   Hopefully we will get him back before he goes home in another year. So it is only farewell for now. Guam will love him. Mom and Dad Davis, you should be proud, your son is an amazing missionary.