Tuesday, December 25, 2012

White Christmas on Pohnpei

       We had a "White" Christmas on Pohnpei.  Now maybe not the kind of White Christmas you would think of, but the best "White"Christmas ever.  We had 8 Baptisms today, Christmas 2012.  We started with the Sapwalap Branch, where  Baiko was baptized   Then Uh Branch, where Demi was baptized in the river.  Then off to the Palikir, where Sekerra Branch had 5 baptisms, & Nett Branch had 1 baptism.   We were not able to make the Sekerra & Nett Baptism, because we were still in Sapwalap helping 3 families Skype with there children, who are serving missions in the states. I will write about that in the next post.
Darney, Sis. Fatongia, Baiko, & Sis. Varea
      It was a beautiful Christmas Day. 

Elder Madill & Demi

Greatest smiles in the world

Pres. Alex, Elder Madill, Elder Bunn, & Demi
Sekerra & Nett Baptisms
Elder Gasu & Hanson
(As soon as I get the names I will post them)

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  1. Amazing things are happening over there! It must be incredible to be a part of.