Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A few things I have learned from the Book of Mormon

     Do you ever ask yourself "Why did the prophets in the Book of Mormon feel inspired to write about certain events?"  for example.
Why so many stories of bloodshed and conflict?
Why so many stories of disobedience and obedience?
Why did Moroni choose to write the things he did in the last chapters of the book, the book of Moroni?
   I have been thinking a lot about those kind of things as I prepare to teach the Book of Mormon Institute Class this year and as I have pondered, I learned some things.
   Now you are all a lot smarter then me, so you probably already knew these things, but I wanted to write some of them down, while they were fresh in my mind.
1.  In the beginning of the Book of Mormon, we learn about the importance of obedience to what ever God asks of us, and listening to the promptings of the Holy Ghost. Out here there have been a lot of things that the Lord has asked us to do, things that I thought I can never do that. I have learned that when we have a Nephi attitude "I will go, I will do", and put our trust, faith and hand in the Lord, he can help us do those things we think we can't. In fact, when we just do it, He makes us equal to the task, no matter what it is. If He wants it done, He will help me do it, even when I think I can't/
2.  When there is conflict, we have to learn when we stand up and fight and when we remove ourselves from the conflict.  After Lehi dies, things get much worse between Nephi and Lamen and Lemuel. So the Lord tells Nephi to take those that follow him and leave. Get as far away from the conflict as you can. We can't hear the whispering of the Holy Ghost, when we are having conflict in our lives, so we have to find a way to resolve the conflict. Sometimes the Nephites had to fight, but a lot of times, the Lord told them to just leave. It is the same with us, sometimes we will have to stand up for what we know is true, and other times, many other times, we just need to stay away from the situations that are causing the conflict, so we can hear what the Lord wants us to do. Sometimes we have to swallow our pride to do that, because the "Natural"man does not want to back down, but when the spirit leaves, so should we.
3.   ALWAYS watch for teaching moments with your families, you never know when something you taught them will help them to turn to the Lord.  Enos was hunting in the forest and he remembered the words of his father. It helped Enos to turn to the Lord and he became a great leader for righteousness. What if his father had never taught him to trust in God.  Alma the younger, turned his life around because of the prayers of his father, and after he taught the many things his father had taught him. Moroni wrote the words of his father and when he was all alone for so long, he knew he could trust in the Lord and he was not alone, because he had been taught by his father.
   I am grateful for the things my parents taught me, many times when I am struggling, I remember the words of my Father and Mother. I remember how they taught me to always turn to the Lord and He will help me know the right things to do.
I am learning that when I need to solve a problem, I look for the answer in the Book of Mormon, every answer to every problem we have and will ever have can be find in the pages of this inspired book, because the Book of Mormon is from our loving Heavenly Father. He knows how to solve all our problems, and He gave us the answers in His guidebook, The Book of Mormon is the word of God.

Got a problem, start reading and praying, I promise you will find the answer in the Book of Mormon, with God's help.
  I know the Book of Mormon is true.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Suits for Missionaries, thank you Sis. Madill

     Elder Madill's mom, did a collection of suits, white shirts, belts, ties, socks, etc for the missionaries getting ready to leave from Pohnpei. We finally got 4 of them over here to try the clothes on. They loved it, well o.k., they were not to excited about the modeling part, but they were all good sports.
     Thank You to Sis. Madill and her family and friends that made this possible to these missionaries. They now will arrive in the MTC in style.
Let's see if it fits

Wow, this looks cool

Doesn't he look great?

The boys and Dad,
Leeroy, Layven, Leevaughn, Dad Kalio

Recently returned from her mission, sister Nayleen
had to get in on the picture

Cousin Jacob (Marshall Islands Mission), Leevaughn (Philippines Tacloban),
Cousin Denster(as soon as he has been a member of the church a year
he will also go), Layven( Australia Perth), Leeroy ( Australia Melbourne)

All the Kalio Missionaries,
Jacob (leaves Sept. 23), Layven (leaves Oct. 8/,
Sandra ( Philippines Cebu, leaves Oct. 8/,
Leeroy ( leaves Sept. 10), Leevaughn (leaves Oct. 8/

The Kalio's ,
7 of 15 from Lenspers Family and
Denster and Jacob, the cousins

Sandra, she got to pick out some clothes also
while the boys tried on suits. 6 outfits for her mission.

Friday, July 26, 2013

I just had to share these amazing pictures of Sis. Cynthia Sioala

    Sis. Sioala flew to Guam with us on her way to her mission. We worried about her so much, because it was the first time she had ever left her home.
   Today we received Pictures and a e-mail from her and by the look of the pictures and the sound of the e-mail. She is doing GREAT.
   This is what your contributions to the General Missionary Fund can do for just 1 girl from Pohnpei. Just imagine all the others we all can help.
   I have such a testimony of the General Missionary Fund, without it NONE of these amazing young men and young women, from Pohnpei, could go on mission.
Thank you, to all who contribute

Cynthia, with her Sister Missionaries

A Service Project

Sis. Seiola, with Elder Donakey ( a former missionary from here)

Just look at that smile, beautiful

Cynthia loved the Salt Lake Temple, inside and out

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Never take anything for granted.......Ask and it shall be given

       Our little Island's electricity is run by 4 generators, or so we have been told. Well right now, we have been told there are only 2 running, and they keep having problems, so we have been having daily 6 - 10 hour power outages. This has presented some challenges, such as doing laundry, cooking, study time, just about everything, because we never know when it will go out.
     In the past, we at least had a schedule, so we could plan, but this time there is no schedule, so we have adapted. Now instead of depending on PUC, we ask the Lord. When I have to get laundry done, I simply ask the Lord to please help the power stay on long enough to get it done, when I need to bake for an activity, I ask the Lord to help the power stay on long enough for the things that need to be made are cooked. Here is where the testimony of "Ask and it shall be given" comes in.
    To many of you, you may think well those are silly things to pray for, but I can testify to you, that when I ask the Lord for help, and I am specific in what I ask for, HE always helps. The power stays on until I get that last load of laundry out of the washer. Then it goes off. The power stays on until the last batch of treats comes out of the oven, and then it goes off. The power stays on until I get the talks and lessons prepared, and then it goes off. I even ask for help so I could write all the amazing things that have been going on here and catch up the blog, and guess what, the power has been on long enough for the last 3 days for me to get the blog caught up. Someone out there must need to know all the amazing things that have been going on out here.
     I don't mind the cold showers( well maybe a little), the nightly peanut butter sandwiches by lantern light (thank you to the mission office for sending lanterns a year ago). I don't mind any of the other challenges lack of power brings, because I know when I really need to have power, the Lord knows also, and when I ask Him to help, He always does.
    He does answers prayers, even for what some may think are silly things to ask for.
    I told Sis. Chandler about my secret weapon, The Lord, and she decided to try it herself, She told me, It really does work.
   I am grateful for a Loving Heavenly Father who knows exactly what I really need and when I really need it. I am grateful that He answers my prayers, even the trivial ones.
   I know He lives, I know His Son died for me, I know He answers prayers, I know His gospel is true. I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God and it is true. I know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the ONLY true church upon the earth, because it is HIS Church.
   Of these things I testify.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Chester & Maggie get baptized

    It all started with Jovania, last fall, then Wallace,  Then Puis & Julia, Now Maggie & Chester.

        Last summer and fall, we were helping the Nett Elders teach a great lady named Jovania.  She accepted the Gospel and was baptized, while teaching her, her nephew Wallace sat in a couple of lessons, next thing we know Wallace wants to get baptized. While we were teaching Wallace, his aunt and mother sat in a few lessons. Next thing we know his aunt Julia and her husband Puis are listening to the lessons, Julia and Puis get married and several weeks later get baptized. Well while we were teaching Julia and Puis, Maggie, Wallace's mom, sits in a several lessons. After a while, we notice that Maggie always has Julia's  Book of Mormon. So we mention to the Elders, you guys should be teaching Maggie, she is reading the Book of Mormon, well they were so focused on Julia and Puis, they did not notice Maggie, so one lesson later, Elder LeFevre and I asked Maggie if She has any questions, wow, she opened up, told us she had read the Book of Mormon, and had a lot of questions, we all answered the questions, pretty soon Maggie and her husband also want to get married, so we help make the arrangements. then Maggie says she wants to wait to get baptized until her husband is ready. We have been waiting about 3 months, well Maggie finally decided she was tired of waiting and she got baptized.
    Chester is Jovania's son, that usually does not live with her, well he has been staying with her and he wanted to know about the church, so she had the missionaries come over and teach him. Chester got baptized with Maggie.
    Wallace, Maggie's son, baptized Chester, he said he was afraid to baptize his mom, he thought he might drop her, so Maggie had Elder Nanson baptize her. We told Wallace, that baptizing Chester was just practice and when his dad is ready, he needs to baptize his dad. Wallace said he would.
    It all started with Jovania, and now so many in her family have accepted the Gospel all because of her example and testimony.
   It can all start with each one of us, Share what the gospel means to you with others, and you too, will leave a legacy of loved ones in your wake.
   Share this Gospel, It is True and all the world needs to know.

Maggie, finally

Julia & Wallace

Wallace & Elder Vause

Wallace, Chester, Maggie, Elder Nance

Jovania ( right in the middle), Julia, Me, Elder Nanson, Chester, Elder Holt, Wallace, Elder Cook, Maggie
Elder LeFevre & Elder Ashcraft, the only ones missing are Puis, Julia's husband (he is working in the states),
and Elder Eyre, he was transferred to Guam soon after Jovania was baptized. 

Elder LeFevre, Maggie, Sister LeFevre
Elder Eyre ( as we found him on Guam), It all started with Elder Eyre and
Elder Cook and us teaching Jovania.

An emotional Elder Nanson, he was key is teaching Maggie & Chester

More Mission Calls

     We received 4 more mission calls while we were in Guam, so we brought them home with us and delivered them, what a great experience.
    Sam Hadley  -  Philippines Manila Mission
   Jayleen Yago Aldon  =  Australia Sydney North Mission
   Leevaughn Kalio  -  Philippines  Tacloban Mission
   Sandra Kalio  -  Philippines  Cebu city mission
  They will all be great, amazing missionaries
Sam Hadley  -  Philippines Manilla Mission

Jayleen Yago  -  Australia Sydney North

Sandra Kalio  -  Philippines  Cebu City
Leevaughn  Kalio  -  Philippines Tacloban

Sunday, July 21, 2013

This is a video about our District President, Pres. Kalio. It is very typical of the life, and living conditions, and amazing families on Pohnpei.
  The Kalio family has 4 of their own children that just received mission calls, and their cousin Jacob also just received his mission call. Their daughter, Nayleen just came back from a mission.
They are a great family, like so many on the Island. I thought you would enjoy seeing what life is like for most people here on Pohnpei, and see what amazing people your sons and daughters get to work with and serve.
We love the life and people here on Pohnpei. They are very humble, good people, truly the Salt of the Earth.

Sr. Missionary Conference, Our last

      This is the last of 4 Sr. Missionary Conferences we have had the blessing of attending. We love them. To learn from our Pres. & Sis Mecham, and our CES director, Bishop Nicerio. To be among such giants, our fellow missionaries, It is always so renewing.
     This year was the best one yet. We arrived late Saturday, and got up early Sunday and went to Church. Then on to Pres. and Sis Mechams house for Sunday dinner and getting to know the other couples.
   Since our last conference, in January, we have had 6 Sr, couples and the mission nurse go home. So we had a whole bunch of new couples and nurse to meet. We loved it. We were so impressed with the new couples, they are so strong and had such great idea's. They will be a great blessing to their Islands. And you could just feel the strength in them. We are so grateful we get to serve with this new group for a few more months.
    We got a lot of new ideas for each of our programs, and felt such a strong presence of the Holy Ghost. It was amazing.
     We were the Sr. Sr. couple, we are the old timers now, the couple that has been out here the longest. As we look back, we can't believe how time has just flown. We love this work, and we love this place in the world, we love these amazing people we serve with and the amazing missionaries and members on our Island of Pohnpei, but most of all, we love the Lord and His son, Jesus Christ.
    This has been the best thing for our lives.
Dinner at Pres. & Sis Mechams

Sunset on Guam

Elder & Sis Prince  -  Guam

Elder & Sister Carter  -  Palau

Elder & Sister Norton  =  Guam

Elder & Sister Garrett  -  Yap

Elder & Sister Olsen  -  Guam, Family History

Pres. & Sis. Mecham

Elder & Sister McCabe  -  Guam  -  Military Specialist,
They are respectivily 83 & 82,
 So you are never to Old to serve a Mission

Elder & Sister Crisp  -  Chuuk

Minute to Win it,   Get the cookie from you forehead
 to your mouth without using your hands,
you young people got nothin on us old people

Minute to Win it, using a straw, get the M & M's from the package to the plate
 in a smiley face.

Elder & Sis Chandler

McDonalds in a Container

Brats with Sam at McCrouts

Sis. McClellan, Guam, Mission Nurse
Finding Elder Eyre, we had to search, but success at last
Elder Eyre and us
Finding Elder Cole, Elder Eyre and another Elder, a real treat
Elder Cole and us, he goes home in a week

Elder & Sister Eldredge, Elder &Sister Prince, Sis McClellan, Elder & Sister Carter
2 wonderful missionaries who use to be on Pohnpei, Elder Cole and Elder Eyre, we miss them

Shopping for supplies