Tuesday, February 26, 2013

9 Baptisms

   We had 9 baptisms for the Island tonight. 1 in Uh, 1 in Kitti, 1 in Nett, 2 in Kolonia, & 4 in Sapwalap.
    First we were off to the UH Baptism, there baptism was at 12:00 noon, it started at 1:00, Island time. Debra Rodriguez is 14 and is  part of the Epina clan.
   As soon as we were done there, we headed to Kitti, about a 50 minute drive away, there baptism was suppose to start at 3:00, but it started at 3:50. Dayleen was baptized there.
    Both UH and Kitti baptism were in the rivers.
Then we were off to Sapwalap another hour drive away, we were a little early, so we stopped at a place called Jed's for a quick bite and then went to the baptism.
    At Sapwalap, McKaye James (9 year old boy) was baptized along with, Meicy Hadley, Erine Elies, & Merlyeen Henry (we got to go to her wedding 2 weeks ago).
    The spirit was so strong at all the Baptisms.
Elder Madill, Debra, and her family

Dayleen & Elder Petersen

Debra & Elder Madill

Elder Madill & Debra

Dayleen & Elder Petersen

Elder Vause & Elder Petersen

Meryleen & I


Maicy, Erleen, Meryleen

Sis. Varea, Sis Fatomgia & soon to be Sis. Seimon

     We were not able to get to the Nett or the Kolonia baptism, we just could not be in 3 places at once, hopefully, someone will get us pictures of those also, so we can post them on the blog, but until then, enjoy our wonderful Saturday.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

More Mission Calls

      More of our Young Adults have recieved their mission calls. Here is the break down,

Melvin Joseph  -- Phillippines Quezon City North Mission   - Enters Provo MTC June 4

Melvin, can you guess where?

Sis. Fatongia, Melvin, Sis. Varea

Reading his call

Melvin & brother Randy

Melvin and us

Bro. Kalio, Melvin, Bro Alati

Roger getting ready to open his call

Roger & Merleen

Roger Paulis  -  Micronesia Guam Mission  -  Enters Provo MTC

Reading his call

Roger & Melvin

Our 3 newest missionaries, Merleen, Roger, & Melvin

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Impromptu Zone Meeting

    While Pres. & Sis. Mecham were here, with Patriarch Gittons, we had an Impromptu Zone meeting and since I know the only reason most of you even look at this blog is to see pictures of your sons and daughters, here they are.
     Pres. Mecham gave us a great short message about not getting discouraged and not letting stupid stuff get in the way of the work.
Sis. Fatongia, Sis. T Varea, Elder Bourne, Elder Vause

Elder Petersen, Elder Holt, Elder Rice Elder Bunn

Elder Ashcraft, Elder Madill, Elder Lyman, Elder Cook, Elder Hanson, Elder Peterson, Sis. Beutler, Sis. R Varea

Sis. Vincent, Elder Vincent, Elder Kjar, Sis. LeFevre, Elder Gardner, Elder Ashcraft, Elder Madill & Elder Davis
Elder LeFevre was out taking care of some buisness and Sis. Kjar had not come in yet.
   It was the pep talk we all needed. We all LOVE Pres. and Sis. Mecham

Uh Baptism

    I am trying to catch up the Blog, so make sure you read all the last 6 posts, we have had a busy week and this is my first chance to catch up. Hope you enjoy our week as much as we did.
     We had several Baptisms while Pres. & Sis. Mecham were here. Twina & Twine (which is further back on the blog) and the UH baptism. Two young men from the Epina family were baptized, these are cousins to Marleen Epina who is serving a mission in Alabama. Now there are 5 members of the church in her family, instead of her and her 2 brothers only. And the rest of her family or at least most of them are being taught the Gospel.
    We go to the Epina's for Family Home Evening most weeks, and on average there are about 30 - 40 people that come on the weeks we are there. Marleen may be in Alabama (and hopefully soon Australia , but she is doing missionary work here too. Her family is listening to the Gospel because of the example she set by going on a mission. They all want to know what was so important that she would leave her family and go half-way around the world to tell others about it.
Elder Bunn & Peter

Elder Bourne, Stony, Elder Bunn, Peter, Pres. Alex

Walking back after the Baptism

Waiting and Watching

The Baptismal group, with Sis. Epina( Marleen's Mom, not YET baptized,)
and I think her uncle

A helping hand out of the "Font"

Walking to the Baptism

Elder Bourne & Stony

     I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ, it is true and it is so humbling to see the light come into others eyes as they gain that same testimony.

Patriarcal Blessings

     We had an amazing blessing for our Island this last weekend.
Pres. Mecham was able to get permission for the Patriarch from Guam to come to Pohnpei and give Patriarchal blessings.
   We started with a Fireside Friday evening, and then Saturday Morning, Patriarch Gittons, started to give blessings. In the 3 days they were there he was able to give 51 blessings. the Spirit was so strong and so many people that did not think they would ever have that opportunity, were able to receive there Patriarchal Blessings.
     Janice Smith, spent hours tirelessly typing blessings, so they could get done more quickly for Patriarch Gittons. When he went back to Guam, He would have less to do, so he will be able to get them back to us to pass out to the members sooner.
     While He was giving blessings, Pres. Mecham was giving Temple recommends, and Priesthood Advancement Interviews.
      Sis. Mecham did some wonderful training in our Leadership training Saturday Morning.
    Elder LeFevre & I were blessed to have a "front row" seat to it all.  We were ask to help with the weekend.
     What a blessing for our Island, words can not express, the Joy that was felt by all. Hopefully we will be able to have the Patriarch come again and even more people will be able to get their blessings.
     I'm sure by the time Pres. & Sis. Mecham & Patriarch Gittons went home, they were all pretty tired, but the blessings they brought to Pohnpei can't be measured.
Member of Sapwalap Branch, waiting

Pres. Mecham, Paterson, Patriarch Gittons, Joni Yakana, Sadi 

the Ladies of Sapwalap, waiting, aren't they beautiful

We couldn't have done it without Janice, she typed for over 10 hours one day,
and another about 5 or 6 another day. Thank You, Janice

Castor and Memory Rout right after they received their blessings

Some of Palikir, UH, & Kitti Branches, with Patriarch Gittons

Our beloved mission mom, Sis. Mecham, with the grand ladies of Sapwalap

    Thank You, We Love you all.

A Once in a lifetime blessing for our priesthood leaders

     Today all our Priesthood Leaders, our District Presidency, and all our Branch Presidents, left the Island for a trip to Guam.
     Elder Nelson is visiting Guam, along with Elder Ringwood and other general authorities and because the training was to be done on Guam, all of our Branch Presidents and District Presidency got to go to Guam for the training.
      For all of our leaders, this will be the first time, and probably the only time, they will ever be in the same country, let alone, room as an Apostle of the Lord. And to be able to shake his hand, and meet him is a dream come true for these great brethren.
      For some this is the first time they have ever left the Island, so they were a little nervous, but so excited and full of the spirit, that they couldn't hardly wait.
Checking In

Paying the Airport Tax

Pres. Agrippa

Pres. Hadley, Pres. Ramon, Pres. Kalio, Pres. Malarma

Pres. Redes

Pres. Makaya, Pres. Redes, Pres. Ramon, Pres. Kalio,
Pres. Alex,  Pres. Malarma

Top Row:  Pres. Hemon(Dist. Pres.), Pres. Makaya(Sapwalap),
Pres. Conrad(Kitti), Pres. Redes(Mand), Pres. Ongesel (Palikir)
Pres. Ramon (Kolonia), Pres. Kalio (1st Counselor  Dist),
Bottom Row:  Pres. Agrippa (Sekerra), Pres. Alex(UH),
Pres. Malarma (Nett), Pres. Hadley (2nd Counselor District)

Pres. Ongesel with his granddaughter, kiara

What GREAT leaders we have.

A Lot of Branch members came to see their Branch Pres. Off

     We went to the airport to see them all off and got some great pictures of them. What a great spirit was at that Airport, and that has to be the safest plane in the world today, for all the great priesthood leaders that were on it.