Sunday, December 16, 2012

More Piano's

They never thought they would have this opportunity

I love their smiles

Jefferson & Esmerelda
    I had the opportunity of applying for 3 more pianos for private homes.  Some amazing kids, and adults, that have worked so hard, and are doing really well at the Piano, now finally have a keyboard to keep in their homes. Also, the Alfred Music Company donated music several months back, so I was able to give them some music books also. Thank You to the Harmen Grant and Alfred Music company, for the kindness of your hearts and the keyboards and music books to go with them.
    Words can't express the Joy these families feel. A keyboard and music to play, lessons, something we all think is available to all, is a tender mercy & a miracle out here. I never thought something that is so simple to me, would mean so much to someone else. Thank You Mom, for making practice and for giving me piano lessons, I bet you did not know 50 years ago, you would be blessing people half way around the world, by making me learn. I am profoundly grateful for this gift from the Lord and my Mom and Dad, and I am grateful I can share it with others.
Sis. Agrippa

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