Thursday, March 20, 2014

One more post, Finally a Stake for Pohnpei

    On Sunday, March 16, 2014  the Pohnpei District, became the Pohnpei Stake.

What a wonderful, sweet blessing for the People of Pohnpei.  They have prayer so long, and worked right along side the missionaries, teaching their neighbors and friends, visiting those that have stopped coming to church. Helping boost each others Faith, and their prayers have been answered.
   I am so grateful for this sweet blessing from the Lord for the people of Pohnpei. I am so grateful for all the missionaries that have served on Pohnpei for the last 30 + years, that Micronesia was opened for missionary work. I am so grateful for the members who never lost hope or faith. I am so grateful for the wonderful, life changing 2 years we were blessed to be a minuscule part of it. We have been greatly blessed for our 2 years there.
     While the Stake was created in Pohnpei, we were blessed to be able to get a live feed from Pohnpei and watched the whole thing. The spirit was strong.
So grateful to the Lord.