Friday, December 21, 2012

4 new missionaries

       On Tuesday 4 of our Elders left For Guam to pick up their new companions. We got 4 new missionaries and we are opening up a new area. So 4 left, 8 came back. We are so excited, the work is really progressing and as it does, so does the opposition. We have several local preachers and  pastors that are really bad mouthing the church  So it is especially exiting that we are opening up new area.
      Our new Elders and areas go as follows and I will list all the changes, we had a lot this transfer.
Mand Branch  -  Elder Ashcraft & Elder Gardner (New)
Sapwalap  -  Still Sister Varea & Sister Fatognia
Uh Branch  -  Elder Madill (New District Leader) & Elder Bunn
Nett  -  Elder Cook & Elder Holt (New)
Sokehs  -  Still Sister Varea & Sister Beautler
Sekerra  -  Elder Hanson & Elder Rice (New)
Palikir  -  Elder Davis & Elder Gasu ( both Zone Leaders, Elder Gasu is the new Zone leader with Elder Davis)
Kitti  -  Elder Bourne (New district leader) & Elder Petersen
Kitti (Roy village   NEW Area)  -  Elder Lyman & Elder Peterson (New)


here they come, Elder Peterson

Elders Peterson & Elder Rice

Elder Peterson & Elder Lyman( they are opening the new area)

I think Elder Holt

Elder Holt & Elder Cook

Elder Gardner & Elder Ashcraft

Unloading & Sorting

Where is my stuff?

    The Old couples are all still the same. We all love this work, may the Lord bless us in it.

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