Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What Elders do on Preperation Day and what water does down the mountain when it rains

See if you can figure
out who
these Elders are.

Note to self

Note to self,  double check that the DVD the church sends with the CES Fireside on it, actually has something on it, before the fireside!!!!!!!!!
Sapwalap Institute 

   So we had our first fireside with our Young Adults in Sapwalap, Uh, and Mand branches. We were so excited to get started with the Young Adults and institute class, that we forgot to check our DVD that the church sent us for the CES Fireside with Elder Cook, We heard from the Guam people it was really good, so everyone is waiting and we put in the DVD and low and behold it is blank.  So we punted, We got a DVD from the library of the 200 year celebration of the birth of Joseph Smith and showed it instead, which worked out really well, because we are going to be studying the Joseph Smith History for our summer institute class.  Well all is well that ends well, what was frustrating at the beginning, turned out to be a great fireside, next week we start our classes. WE LOVE THIS MISSION !!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Fun Day with Sapwalap & Mand branches

The Sapwalap and Mand branches had a fun day on Saturday,  Volleyball, Ping Pong ( we used church tables with a nett strung across), basketball, races, baseball.  and then we had the baptisms after.

Jaceleen, finally baptized

Hope you all remember Jaceleen, she is the wonderful lady who had an addiction to everything you can get addicted to on this Island, well last night she was baptized.
   Tears rolled down her and my faces as she entered the waters of baptism and finally was able to make her covenant with the Lord.
  Lilly Ann was also baptized, she and Jaceleen are cousins and both are nieces to Marleen who is going on a mission.
Jaceleen & Lily Ann, with Jaceleens father, Lily Annes Mother
and Elder Madil and Elder Pierson

Happy Jaceleen and Sister LeFevre

Elder Pierson, Lilly Anne, Elder Madil

Elder Pierson, Jaceleen, Lily Ann, & Elder Madil

Elder Pierson, Jaceleen, & Elder Madil
What a great night

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Farewell at the Airport

Elder Donakey, getting passport checked

Elder Tadd, holding his coconut, that someone gave him

Our Sisters,
Sis. Salaiau, Sis. Varea, Sis Kennach, Sis. Varea

Elder Madil

Elder Crapo, right after we gave him the treats we made for the
Journey home

Elder Tadd and his coconut

Elder Dalmer, Elder Loveless and half of Elder Crapo

Elder Tadd and Elder Dalmer

Elder and Sis LeFevre with Elder Tadd

Elder Donakey with us

Elder Crapo with us

Ivolani & Meagan, Came to say Goodbye

Elders Tadd, Pierson, Donakey, & Crapo

All the Sr. couples with leaving missionaries

One last group picture before it all changes

Bro Ukana, saying goodbye to Elder Tadd

Sis. Kjar with Serena, and Joanna
Time to say goodbye for now and God be with you, till we meet again.

Farewell Party at Nalop

Playing Mormon Bridge with the Missionaries

Elder Tadd, yum, it is lunchtime


Our Sister Missionaries,  Sis. Salaiau, Sis. Kennach, Older Sis. Varea & younger Sis. Varea

Elder Loveless

Elder LeFevre, wow,  this is the life

boat to Nalop

Leaving Nalop

Our Crew

Our Missionaries

The most AMAZING missionaries on the Earth
 We had a Farewell Zone Activity at Nalop. Three of our missionaries are going home, they have finished their missions and are now home with there families.  We will miss them, all three are amazing missionaries, their love for the people and the gospel was contagious, and I know they taught us a lot. There example helps us be better missionaries.  Farewell to Elder Tadd, Elder Crapo, & Elder Donakey