Thursday, December 20, 2012

Farewell to Elder Eyre & Elder Cole

    Well, as before, Guam just got 2 of our missionaries. To Mom & Dad Eyre and Mom & Dad Cole, sorry this is how you are finding out, but Elder Eyre and Elder Cole told me to write it on the blog so you would know where they are.
Elder Eyre & Elder Gasu trying on glasses before going to the airport

Elder Cole, I hate my picture taken

Elder Cole, Can you tell

Elder Davis, Elder Gasu, Elder Eyre

Could not have said it better myself

Our Missionaries, missing the 4 newby's and their trainers

Saying Goodbye

Off to new adventure's

Elder LeFevre, Elder Cole, Elder Davis, Elder Eyre

Elder Eyre & Elder Cole, their final goodbye, we will pray we get them back
before they go home.

Last wave

Last Wave

Last wave, this guy just wanted his picture taken
     Elder Cole was transferred to Guam and will be the new Zone Leader there. He has been an amazing missionary and the people in Mand Branch will miss him greatly, so will we. Hopefully we will get him back for a little while before he goes home in July.
Elder Eyre & Elder Cook, our last time teaching with them

Elder Gasu, Elder Petersen & Elder Eyre, just chillin at the airport, seeing
other missionaries leave for Guam to be trainers, who knew that the next day
Elder Eyre & Elder Cole would be leaving
    Elder Eyre was transferred to Guam as a special request from the Pres. He has been ask to help with a missionary who is having some issues. Elder Eyre is such a great missionary, loves these people so much and they love him. He will be greatly missed by the Nett Branch and especially by us, we have had the opportunity of going out teaching a lot with Elder Eyre, both when he was with Elder Vance and Elder Cook. Guam is getting a great missionary.

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