Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ricard & Rosena's Wedding

Waiting for the Groom
Pres. Malarma, Elder Cook, Romeo & family, and the bride,Rosena (in whilte dress)
     Elder Cook & Elder Holt have been teaching several families, but one of the problems is they need to get married before they can get baptized. We have been helping them teach about eternal marriage and the importance of marriage. Well tonight one of them got married. Elder Cook & Elder Holt even made a cake. Elder LeFevre and Elder Holt were the witness and Elder Cook helped Pres. Malarma do the ceremony. It was great and now they can .get baptized

Maianne & I, just waiting to start

I think we are ready Pres. Malarma with Elder Cook helping him
Ricard & Rosena

Elder Cook, making sure he know the ceremony,
so he can help Pres. Malarma

Daughters & family wait

The Cake

Ricard & Rosena Primo

Feeding each other cake

They have never seen this before, they thought it was a fun tradition

Top Row:  Elder Holt, Elder leFevre( the 2 witness's),Romeo(Brides brother)
Elder Cook
Bottom row:   Pres. Malarma, Rosena, Ricard and their youngest

Romeo, Rosena's  brother

Daughter & friends

Sunday, January 27, 2013

More Changes

     Well Elder Gasu left the Island late last night, he has been called to be the new A.P. (Assistent to the President), so off he went to Guam, hopefully we will get him back in Sept. for 1 transfer. Also Elder Petersen, was called to be a trainer, so he also went to Guam to get his new companion and learn how to be a trainer.
Parking lot of Airport,
Elder Gasu and Sis. LeFevre

Elder Davis & Elder Gasu

Elder Hanson

Elder Hanson

Elder & Sister LeFevre, & Elder Davis

Our Trainers, Elder Davis & Elder Gasu
hard to say goodbye

Elder Gasu & I

Elder Gasu & Elder LeFevre

Elder Petersen, our newest Trainer

UH Baptism in the River

UH  Baptism
Elder Madill, Georgie, and his family and Pres. Alex

Getting Ready

Newest Member of the Church on Pohnpei,
Georgie & Elder Madill

What great smiles

The Font

Pres. Alex

Watching the Baptism

Zone Conference

    It is always good when it is Zone Conference and Pres. & Sis. Mecham come. They give us the boost we need and all kinds of new ideas for teaching.
    There is never any doubt why they were called to be our Mission Presidents. They teach from the scriptures, they teach with the spirit and we all know they love us and care about each one of us.
Sis. Varea & Sis. Beutler (Sis. Beutler has been a littel sick)

Elder Gardner & Elder Ashcraft

Elder Rice & Elder Hanson

Elder Kjar & Sis. Kjar

Elder Madill & Elder Bunn

Elder Petersen & Elder Bourne

Elder Lyman & Elder Peterson

Elder Holt & Elder Cook

Sis. Fatongia & Sis. Varea

Pres. & Sis. Mecham

Our Amazing Zone leaders, and our last Zone conference
with Elder Davis. 

Elder Gasu & Elder Davis

Elder Davis, the last time he will instruct us at a Zone Conference

Dinner Break, Yum  make your own Burritos,
Good thing we went to Guam a couple
of weeks ago and we were able to get
all the fixin's there.

Sis. Kjar, Farewell Testimony

Sis. Fatongia, Sis. Varea & Elder Davis

Sis. Varea

Elder Kjar, farewell testimony

Elder Davis, farewell testimony
     Zone Conference is always inspiring!