Sunday, June 30, 2013

Introducing Elder & Sister Chandler to Pohnpei

       We have been having a fun time showing the new couple around the Island and introducing them around. Thursday they met us out to the Palikir Branch for Institute, there first solo ride to a church house and they didn't even get lost. Then Friday on to Mand and Sapwalap.  We had a lot of fun and they are great sports. Everyone loved them, they are going to be a great for the People of Pohnpei. They love them and have fun with them, they are trying to learn the language, willing to eat anything
( well just about anything, they haven't tried dog yet, not sure we will be able to talk them into that).
Then Saturday on to the Baptism in Wone & Palikir ( Palikir and Sekerra combined for this baptism)
It has been great to get some new ideas from them as we hear them talk about some of the promptings they have had about the work the Lord needs them to do here.
     Each of us are different, and have different talents, the Lord sends us all over the world, because HE wants us to share the gifts HE has given us with those we meet. I am learning even more, something I already knew. HE is the only one in charge.
Elder & Sister Chandler, they will fit right in !!!!!!!!

The Wone Baptism, it was raining 

Elder Tapua & Peter

Waiting for everyone to change

Preparing Pinapple

Cooking the Yams

Elder Rice with Nathan & Maisleen

Nathan, Elder Rice, Elder Lyman, Maisleen, Maria, Rockson & Elder Leeworthy

Elder Lyman & Maisleen, Rockson in the bacl

Elder Tapua, a Pohnpein Umbrella

Rockson, right after Baptising his wife, Maria

Then on to Palikir, and filling the font with rainwater, the pumps were out

Elder Hanson & Elder Barrus with there baptismal candidate

Elder Madill with his

Rockson getting ready to baptize his wife, Maria

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Welcome to Elder & Sister Chandler

    We finally got our new SR. Couple. Elder & Sister Chandler.  They arrived in Guam last Friday and were suppose to fly to Pohnpei on Monday, but both became ill while on Guam, so they recovered there and arrived here today.
Marla, Tricia & I , waiting for them to arrive

Elder Chandler

Elder Chandler & Tricia

Sis Chandler & Elder Chandler

What a great pair of Missionaries
we are so excited to work with them. They are going to be great !!!!!

Czvury Gallen leaves for his mission

    Another one of our Young Adults left for the mission field yesterday, Czvury Gallen left for the Guam, then onto the Provo MTC, and in a couple of months on to the Philippines San Pabla Mission. He will be a great missionary.
     He was suppose to fly out about 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday, but because a tidal wave had hit the runway on Marjoro Marshall Islands, the Plane ended up being stuck, so instead he flew out last night about 11:00 p.m. when the rescue plane arrived.

     A Huge Thank You to Sis Janice Smith and her Mom, Brother and family back home in Utah and the missionaries who helped him by having him go out teaching with them.
If it weren't for them, Czvury probably would not be going on a mission.
Janice helped him get all his paperwork done, Dr.'s appt.s, dentist appt.s, everything, including what clothes we could find here.
Janice's Mom and Brother
will meet Czvury at the Salt Lake
Airport and take care of getting
the rest of what he needs, including
taking him to the Temple and then
delivering him to the Provo MTC.
  What a great family and missionaries, THANK YOU SO MUCH.
Uncle Patterson(standing) and branch members,came to see him off.

Kenio, Elder LeFevre, & Nelsiano

Uncle Patterson & Kenio ( Kenio is waiting for a mission call0


Mom, Dad & brother watch

Elder Gallen, excited to leave for his mission

The Whole Gallen family

Uncle Patterson & Czvury

Janice & Elder Gallen

One last wave and he's gone,  see you in 2 years

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Invasion of the Termites

We had an invasion this last week, and the result was 2 new bathrooms.

      About 2 weeks ago, we came home at 10:30 on a Friday night after Institute and opened our door and found that while we had been gone, Termites had swarmed  in our apartment. Well we got out the Prometherin and started spraying and were able to kill most of them......................we thought.  So the next day, we swept up all the dead bugs, mopped and Cloroxed the apartment and went on with  missionary work.
     1 Week later we came home and we had Termite larvae all over the place. We sprayed them down again and killed them..........................we thought and took it a step further. We let our landlords know that we had a termite problem. We could see the places in the walls where they had come through. Our landlord, said they would come and check on it after they finished the work they were doing on 2 other units. We said that was fine, we thought we had probably killed them all this time.
   Little did we know that we had only made them mad.  We came home 1 week later, Sunday evening after a late Fireside, opened our door and there were Swarms of flying termites everywhere. We immediately started spraying, but they were all over, even in our sheets, between the sheets, in our cloths, everywhere. It took about an hour to spray enough to be able to have them stop swarming( we will probably get some kind of cancer from all the Prometherin we breathed in).
   Well the next morning the repair guy came to check out the problem, he took one look at our mess from the night before( you have to wait to sweep them up until the Prometherin drys and kills all the bugs) and started tearing apart the walls in the bathrooms and found them everywhere.
    Anyway, long story short, we now have 2 pretty new bathrooms, at least the walls are new.

Where the Termites had come through

And this is only 1 bathroom
One thing I will not miss, Termites !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!