Sunday, October 21, 2012

General Conference

     We finally got to see General Conference, the sessions we were able to get were wonderful. We watched Saturday Morning Session, Elder LeFevre watched the Priesthood Session, we got Sunday Morning Session ( in Pohnpein) and the audio of the Sunday Afternoon Session.  Hope we get the November Ensign from Guam, so we can read all the talks and study them. Let me share some thoughts, that were especially meaningful to me this conference.
      Today I sat in a "Noss" with the Nett Branch and listened to Conference in Pohnpein. I knew I would understand very little , so I did not expect to feel the spirit as much as I usually do, but I was wrong.
       As I sat there with these amazing humble people, I have come to love so much, the spirit whispers stronger then ever that what I am hearing is the word of God, Mahsen en Koht. My physical body may not understand much, but my spirit does. I am grateful for the gift of the Holy Ghost, that bears witness to me and my spirit, that God still speaks to man.
        We Sang Called to Serve for the intermediate hymn. More powerful then in the MTC. WOW
Conference with the Nett Branch

Elder Prince, walking out to the Noss

Waiting for Conference to start

Wellsy and Acon
         I Love Conference in the mission field.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Zone Conference

            Pres. and Sister Mecham came for Zone conference. We all love it when they come. The Lord always knows exactly what we all need to get us back into the work and the Pres. and Sis. Mecham always inspire us.
           Once again we were reminded to "Open our Mouths" and they would be filled. Sometimes one of the hardest parts of missionary work is knowing what to say, so sometimes ( a lot of times) I just don't say anything at all. but when I am brave and have Faith in my Savior, and open my mouth, He always tells me what to say. It works every time. We just need to have Faith and DO IT.
      We also talked about the announcement at conference for missionaries and how the Lord needs to speed up the work, so He is sending more help. We talked about being the best missionaries we can, so the work can get done. There is so much and so many people who have not heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They must here it, so that He, at last, can proclaim "the work is finished"
Waiting for Pres. & Sis. Mecham

Totally Posed

Elder Hanson, the only one studying, or is he sleeping?

Pres. & Sis. Mecham

Sis. Salaiau, bearing her testimony for the Zone,
 for the last time. She goes home in 3 weeks.

Elder Pierson, bearing his testimony for the last time for the Zone,
He also goes home in 3 weeks.

Dinner break is always good.

     It was a wonderful conference and we are excited and ready to work again.

This is what happens to your camera, when Elder and Sisters get a hold of it...........

Elder Madill

Elder Bunn

Elder Bourne

Elder Eyre

Elder Cook

Elder Ashcraft

Sister Beautler

Elder Lyman

Sis Salaiau

Sis. Varea & Sis. Varea

Elder Davis

Elder Pierson

Elder Gasu

Elder Cole

Elder Hanson

Sis. Varea & Elder Pierson