Sunday, December 16, 2012

Manwell Girls get Baptized

William Manwell, Serena, Bro. Jim, Louila

Elder Davis, William, Serena, Louila, Bro. Jim, Elder Bunn

Dad, Serena, Louila
    There is a family in Palikir that a lot of Elders have taught, many of which have gone home, The family is the Manwell family. Well  2 of their girls got baptized Saturday night. It has been a long time coming, but what a sweet baptism. We helped teach this family with at least 3 sets of Elders. Dad Manwell came to see his girls get baptized, and was really touched. Hopefully, one day he and his wife will join their daughters, as members of the Church  I know we will continue to teach them. So to all the Elders who have helped teach this great family, here are some pictures, the results of the spirit finally touching some hearts, of both the girls and their parents, who finally gave permission. Thank You to all of you for your hard work, prayers, and tireless efforts. It was a great day for the Lord in Palikir.

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  1. Is Elder Davis from Lindon, UT? It is a small world but we went to a Christmas Train in Lindon and at the end of it there were cards to sign for missionaries. One of them was Elder Davis (I think) and so we signed it and hope he will get it and then give you a hug from the McMurtrey's. Merry Christmas to you!