Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Dedicated to my AMAZING Relief Society Sisters at home

         For the past year of 2012, my Relief Society Sisters in my home ward, have been gathering dresses, skirts, blouses, in all sizes from 12 month to 99 years old. Well we received 4 huge boxes of these clothes about 2 weeks ago. Today we had the first opportunity to give some of them out.
         Meagan & Irene are both going on missions in March. They are both going to the Fiji Suva mission and both needed clothing to take on their missions. Today, they came over and tried on the women's clothing. They loved them and both were able to find several outfits that will work for their missions and fit them perfectly.
Getting the clothes ready



Meagan, they both liked the red, I guess they will have to "duke' it out!


Companions before they even leave,
They are hoping to share the clothes
once they are in Fiji.

        THANK YOU, THANK YOU, to my sweet, amazing sisters. Your clothes that you have so very carefully collected for the last year, will be going to Fiji, with 2 young sister missionaries, that would not have had much to take if it weren't for you. I love you all and so do Meagan & Irene. Enjoy the fashion show.

        In the next several weeks, we will be giving out the children's clothing also, watch for the pictures of that.


  1. I am so very happy that you received these dresses. It has been such a great project and helps us all feel closer to you.