Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good SKYPE

         We spent our Christmas at Baptisms & helping 3 families Skype with there son & daughters that are serving missions in the states.
       We started our day early, opened our presents, Thank you kids and mom and dad, we love everything, and left for the Sapwalap Branch to attend the first Baptisms of the day. Right after the baptism, we headed into the clerks office to set up our computer for the Epina Family to Skype with Marlene, or I should say Sis. Epina. She is the missionary that never got a visa to Australia, so she is serving in  Alabama. While she was in the MTC, her father passed away,so this is really the first chance she and her family have had to visit, since her father died in November. The looks on their faces, when they saw each other and talked to each other, priceless. We cried right along with them, as they saw the miracle of modern technology.

      Next came the Kalio Family. This was there second time to Skype with their daughter, Nayleen, or Sis. Kalio, their first time was last mothers day, but still when they saw each other, the tears flowed. The best thing about this time, was the whole family got to talk. At Mothers day, The family had to travel to another church house that was far away, and could only fit 2 of their 13 children in the car, so only 2 got to visit with her, this time, through weekly calls to Telecom, we were able to get the Internet out in the Church that is closest to their house(Still a 5 mile walk), It was finally installed 2 weeks ago, so the whole family got to come and see Nayleen and talk with her.

     Next came the Makaya family.  They were suppose to Skype at 2 our time and 7:00 p.m. San Francisco time, but somehow there was a mix up and we were not able to Skype until 6:00 our time and 11:00 Jackson's time.  So we hopped in the car and drove to Uh and made it just in time for the baptism. right after we headed back to Sapwalap and set everything up to Skype. Once again, many tears were shed as families reconnected and saw one another and talked.

Our Christmas Tree and presents, THANK YOU, FAMILY & FRIENDS

Jack, Sis. Epina, Pres. Alex, & Darney & Sis. Marleen Epina on the computer

Jack, Marleen's Mom, & Pres. Alex

Part of the Kalio Family

Part of the Kalio's, the room was to small to fit everyone, so they took
shifts talking

The Makaya Family

      We spent 12 straight hours between baptisms and Skyping, but the spirit and the looks on all the faces, worth every minute. It was a great day. One of the best Christmas's ever.

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