Saturday, December 22, 2012

Joy to the World

     We have been visiting many Family Home Evenings, many times not on Monday, and showing the video Joy to the World. The people here love it and it has really set the spirit for Christmas. Here is just one Home, we had FHE in. This is the Epina family, if you don't remember the story of Marleen Epina, go back and read. Marlene got her mission call back in June, but never could get her visa, so instead of leaving in July, she left in the end of Sept. While she was in the MTC, her father passed away, and because she has never received a visa to Australia, she is now serving in the Alabama Mission. Marlene and her 2 brothers are the only members of the church in her family, so we have been having FHE with her family every other week and we have been helping teach them, through the FHE's, well her whole family came to church, and last night part  of her family came to a baptism. I know they are feeling the spirit and on Christmas Day, we will take our computer out to the Sapwalap Church and her family will be able to Skype with her.

We had to hang a sheet, and shine the projector on it, but it worked just fine.

   We love this family and Marlene. So here are the faces of the Epina Family as they watch Joy to the World.

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  1. oh these pictures make me smile! my dad is from El Salvador, Central America. and i have so many good memories from places like this. good food, culture, friends and family. thank you for sharing. God bless! xx|natalia.