Monday, December 3, 2012

Called to Serve - Megan & Irene

 Today we got to deliver 2 mission calls to 2 young ladies here. Both are part of our Young Adults and both are amazing women. So Irene Ongesil & Megan Jonathan received mission calls. They were both called to serve in the Fiji Suva Mission, both enter the Provo MTC to learn the language and both enter on March 26. They were so excited. We were only able to watch Megan open her call, but we called Irene later and found out that they were both going the same place.
  Megan is the first missionary in her family and the first missionary from the Kitti branch.
   Irene follows a sister and brother (maybe 2 brothers, I am not sure) into the mission field.
  They will be great missionaries, they already go out with the Sister Missionaries here at least weekly, most weeks several times a week.
Heading out to Deliver the calls

A Nervous Irene

Happy to have the call

I love special deliveries

An excited Megan

Sister is just as excited, yea I get to go through Megan's stuff

Mom, Megan & little sis

Discovery, she is going to Fiji

Congratulations to Megan and Irene.

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  1. First missionary from Kitti. That's awesome. Thank you for your influence on those youth.