Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Our Week in Pictures

   Once again we have had a busy week, so
 here are Pictures of our week.
Choir Practice  for Seminary & Institute Graduation
We did not get as many pictures as we would have wanted to get, because we were so busy, but it
was a great night.

We went to the Memorial Day Recognition Program
 at the Airport. It was very touching as they unveiled
the picture of another Micronesian that was killed
in battle fighting for OUR Country.

Wreaths were placed for the fallen Micronesian soldiers, who have been killed fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Many of the families of these soldiers were there and there was a sweet spirit there.
It was really special to represent the Church at the Program.

Another mid-night run to the airport, to see off Janice and her family...........

Not Elder LeFevre, but we had lots of fun with the members that came to
see off 3 former missionaries who had come back to visit the Island they all served
on in 2006.
Mama Serina & Elder LeFevre

2 of the 3 former missionaries, checking in

Many members came to see them off. Pres. Ongesel

This guy, don't have a clue who he is, but we really liked his floaty

Sis. Ongesel, Elders Barlow, Carter & Dunn, Pres. Ongesel
The missionaries stayed at the Ongesels house for the week they were
here visiting

These 3 elders, did some great work when they served on Pohnpei,
Everywhere we went people told us about them and how they had helped
them so much.
the people loved that they came back to visit and check on them.
Many came back to church, who had not
been there in a while ,just because these Elders came to check
on them

And of course I had to get my picture taken with these Grand ladies
Sis. Deweyeye, Sis. LeFevre, Sis. Tim, Sis. Mark, Mama Serina

And in the middle of all of this, we got another new Elder.
Welcome Elder Tapua

His trainer will be Elder Rice.
Elder Rice & Elder Tapua will serve in the Rohi Area,
To help build up the new unit that has been formed there.

And it just wouldn't be a real week without at least one picture of an Elder or Sisters.

Monday, May 27, 2013

The Kjar's , Going Home

     Our Mentor's the Kjars left today.
     Most of the branches are having parties for them this last week. We only attended one, because we knew this was there time to say goodbye.
   Kjar's have done so much for the Island. They have been the Seminary Coordinator's and have taught Seminary all over the Island. They have set up a great program here, and now have many of the classes being taught by the members. They have helped so many, and loved so many. They will be greatly missed.
     A few photo's as we say goodbye for now. We all know we will meet again, maybe not in this life, but hopefully, if we are worthy in the next.
The Mand Party

Goodbye for Now

Thursday, May 23, 2013

End to a rough week for Kolonia District

     Almost all the missionaries in the Kolonia District had a rough week. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Elder Johnson and his family. His grandmother passed away this week. Elder Holt had some hard days with private struggles, Elder Cook & Elder Nanson had struggles, many have been sick, or are struggling with home sickness. It seemed like every missionary,including Elder LeFevre & I had a rough week, but as we met for District Meeting and hugged one another, and prayed for one another, we all felt a strength return, a determination to go forward and do the Lords work, no matter what Satan throws in our path.
    That Satan, he is pretty tricky and ruthless. he knows how well the work is going in the Kolonia and Sekerra areas and he is doing everything to stop it. He knows what people to use that will hurt us the most, he knows our vulnerabilities. he knows us just as well as our Heavenly Father does.
    As we met and were instructed by our District leader, Elder Cook, the spirit came and all of us felt it. It was like Heavenly Father put His loving arms around each of us and said I love you, keep up the good work. We all needed that. So now we will ALL go forward and work even harder to bring souls to Christ, and we will all say with a loud voice "GET THEE BEHIND ME, SATAN"
    Nothing and no one can stop this work from going forward, because it is His work. Christ only had 1 Church upon the earth when he was here and today, just as in the days when HE walked the earth, there is only 1 true church. The other churches are good,  they help people to be better, they have part of the truth, but I boldly proclaim that there is only 1 true Church upon the earth, That Church is THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS. All of us, all missionaries, leave there home and families, that they all love, simply because WE ALL know this is true. No one pays us, we pay our own way, because we love the Lord and His children, but even more importantly, because HE loves us and needs our help.
   Some may choose to take offense at my statement, but I know that it is true, and for those that choose to take offense, you can know also, if you are not afraid to  be taught and ask, sincerely, with real intent to do something about what you will be told by the whispering of the Holy Ghost.  In the bible, James 1:5 & 6  it says " If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God" Read it, notice it says that you have to ask in Faith, with Real Intent, that means that you have to do something with the knowledge you will gain. You will only gain that knowledge if you are sincere in the asking.
     If you choose to listen to the missionaries, only for the intent of "bashing" them and the Lords church, you will receive NO answer, because the Holy Ghost will leave when there is  contention, because contention is of the devil.
   This journey is not for the faint hearted. How brave are you?
Something about a ton of rain, a truck that was stuck and mud...........................

For the whole story, you will have to ask, Elder Cook, Elder Holt,
Elder Hanson & Elder Barrus,
They were all there, but how come Elder Cook
is the only one with mud on him?

Elder Nanson & Sis. Beutler

Elder Holt & Elder Barrus

Sis. Ioane, Sis. Varea, & Sis. Ma'a

Elder Hanson & Elder Johnson

A quick change of shirts, borrowed from the Sisters

Elder Johnson giving the White Handbook training

The object lesson, Elder Holt volunteered to be the object

Nice Hat, Elder Holt

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

One last evening with Sam, and off he goes to his new Job

    Our dear friend Sam Bailey is leaving Pohnpei. He got a job on Guam and so he is leaving to move onward with his life.
    Sam has done so much good for Pohnpei, and especially for the Chruch here and the Nett Branch.
   Nett started out as a "Group" and became a Branch just before we got here. Sam has been there Branch clerk, and really there mentor. He has taught them the Gospel, he has taught them how to function as a branch, He has taught Pres. Malarma how to be a branch President and how to lead the Branch.
   Sam has done so much for everyone on the Island. He will be greatly missed by members and non-members alike.
   So we had one last dinner(take out from Arnolds), sat and looked at the Ocean and talked.
  Then off to the airport the next day and final goodbyes from his Island family.
  There were many tears shed, and lots of hugs given
  Sam we will miss you, but good thing we get to see you in Guam in July.
One last visit on the Poarch

The swing Sam built

The View from Sam's Poarch

A Quit Moment at Check in

Part of the Nett Branch

Sam, Pres Malarma & Sis Malarma

A very sad Pres. Malarma, he has lost a mentor and a best friend