Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Activity

We had a wonderful Halloween Activity for the Institute and Seminary Kids. We decided to combine them for this activity. So we had fun games that started at 5:00 and then went straight into a Movie that started at 7:00.
   We did Apple Dunking, had a spooky room, mummy wrap, donuts dunking, Boo Bowling, Witches Hat toss, find the worms, Ping Pong Power, etc, and then we all got our treat bags and relaxed and watched the Ghost and Mr. Chicken, and oldie but a goodie.
   They all loved it, us and the Chandlers were beat by the time it was done, but so worth it for the fun the youth and young adults had and the smiles on their faces at the end.  We had about 125 youth and young adults come and some of their leaders came too.
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Getting all the rooms set up

Our bones

our scary witch, Sis Agrippa

Early arrivals

Shelala, getting into the spirit

Can you guess, Boo Bowling

All our Vampire ducks, just waiting for the apples to be added for
apple dunking

Elder and Sister Chandler, we love these guys

Sis Chandler, getting ready to demonstrate Apple Dunking,
they had never done it before, once they got the hang of it
 it was a favorite.

Sis Chandler showing Sis Sablina the Spooky Room............

She did NOT like it.

Getting in teams

Bro Ehpel,   our Institute Teacher in the Palikir Branch

Ping Pong Power, get the ball in the bucket

Getting our Mummy's wrapped

Of Course, there is always at least 1 young adult that does not want there picture

Weider, having a blast

Now the fun part, get the Mummies unwrapped

Tired but great helpers, Sis Sarina ( Kolonia Institute teacher) &
Sis Sablina,  came to help

When it comes to unwrapping, you are on your own

Good Luck, hope you are unwrapped before the
treats for the movie get handed out.

New Elder Bunn, Baptisms, and misc pictures

We had one of our missionaries get transferred with the last transfer, it was Elder Bunn, but we were only "Bunnless" for 1 day, our new Elder is Elder Bunn.

We also had more baptisms, and we have been taking pictures of some of our favorite people, things, and places. Enjoy.
Meet Elder Bunn and his trainer, Elder Vause,
Welcome, Welcome

Wilson got a change on his mission call, he was suppose to leave
last week, but because of Visa problems, he now is suppose
to leave with us. He was so excited, he yelled, "Yippee", we
are excited too. Now lets hope the Visa issues get straightened out.

Kenio trying on Suits, for his mission, he will leave after we have gone
home, but we will meet him when he arrives in Salt Lake,
on Dec. 16.

District office, and Pres Hadley, Elder LeFevre has served
tirelessly for the last 2 years as District Executive Secretary.

Pres. Kalio, Pres. Albert, Stony Fritz
We have grown to love all of these faithful men and their families and Pres. Hemmon,
who served as District Pres. before, but has now left for Hawaii, to
pursue his education.

One of the few birds on the Island

Our favorite place to eat, the Mangrove Cafe, it is in the Mangrove

Our favorite dish at the cafe, Fresh grilled Yellowfin tuna steak, rice and salad,
a bargain at $5.00.

Just a taste of the beautiful scenery we  get to see everyday. We will miss this
beautiful place and it's even more beautiful  people.

Sokehs Rock

A storm is coming, I have never seen more beautiful and frightening storms
as come here.

The Police Station, we have been here a lot, to get things for missionaries
Visa's, Drivers Licenses for our missionaries and just about anything else
that has to do with laws on the Island, we are on a first name basics with most
of the Policeman, I think. They even wave to us when we are on the road.

More Baptisms