Friday, May 4, 2012

Baptism in Mand (Mont)

Elder Stewart, Elder Dalmer, Elder Bourne
Getting the Font ready.

Elder Cole

the Beautiful Mand Font

The River that runs behind the Mand Church and Font

Bro. Deweyeye, getting ready to be baptized

Elder Stewart, Elder Dalmer, Bro Deweyeye,Sis. Deweyeye

Part of The Mand Branch, with Elder (Pres. )Dalmer
Elder Dalmer is the Branch President of the Mand Branch

Sis. Deweyeye, Sis. LeFevre, Sis. Tim

Elder Stewart, Bro. Deweyeye, Sis. Sanisher, Elder Dalmer
Getting ready to be baptized

   It has been over a year since there was a baptism in Mand, but the drought is over.  Last Saturday, we had 2 baptisms in Mand, and one more is scheduled for May.  We finally got to see the Baptismal Font filled.  The cool thing about the Mand baptismal font,is that it is an outdoor font.  They use to baptise in the river in Mand, but the river has become so polluted it is no longer safe to baptise in the river, so about 3 years ago they build an outdoor font.  It is a beautiful font and is in the most beautiful setting.  And seeing it used was a great experience for all of us, especially the missionaries and  Bro Deweyeye and Sister Sanisher that was baptized. Elder Stewart baptized Bro Deweyeye, it was really neat, because Bro. Deweyeye was the first person Elder Stewart had taught when he entered the mission field many months ago., Elder Dalmer baptized Sis. Sanisher.  I was not the only one that shed a few tears there that day. What a blessing it is to be able to see the Light of Christ come into someones life, it changes all of us, when we will let it. I love my Savior, Jesus Christ, I know that He lives and will come again, soon , I hope.

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