Monday, May 14, 2012

Tender Mercies from the Lord

 A couple of days ago I had the opportunity to teach the First Vision to an investigator, I taught it in Pohnpein, two amazing Elders named Elder Pierson and Elder Madill, ask me to teach it, and they had it written down for me on a card in Pohnpein, that was a tender mercy from the Lord, because even though I read it for the most part, the Spirit once again bore witness to me of the Truthfulness of the First Vision, as I read it to Jasleen and bore my testimony of it, all in her language.
     More tender mercies from the Lord that I have noticed,  Bear Creek Potato Soup, sent from my wonderful children, after a long day, eaten in darkness late at night. An Apron,(sent from another wonder child) to protect our clothes as we cook (when we have time to cook), A jar of Miracle whip, we almost cried when we opened that box and saw what was inside,  Heath Toffee bits, used to make a sweet treat for the Elders and Sisters and members (Thanks so much kids) Jello, it taste so good, it is cool and refreshing, Hostess Snowballs and Fruit Pies, a Christmas Tree from a dear friend who is leaving the Island,clothes for many who need them donated from that same dear friend and Elders who are leaving to go home and know the people here need their clothes more then they need to take them home. Fresh cheese and a roast to share from Janice, freshly caught Fish from Sam, Pictures and Dvd's of our Grandchildren from home (they may make us cry, but we look at them a lot)
     But the best tender mercy from my Father in Heaven,  just being here and telling these wonderful people about His Son, My Savior, Jesus Christ, and feeling the Spirit tell me so strongly that it is all true. Is It worth it, absolutely YES.

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