Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Note to self

Note to self,  double check that the DVD the church sends with the CES Fireside on it, actually has something on it, before the fireside!!!!!!!!!
Sapwalap Institute 

   So we had our first fireside with our Young Adults in Sapwalap, Uh, and Mand branches. We were so excited to get started with the Young Adults and institute class, that we forgot to check our DVD that the church sent us for the CES Fireside with Elder Cook, We heard from the Guam people it was really good, so everyone is waiting and we put in the DVD and low and behold it is blank.  So we punted, We got a DVD from the library of the 200 year celebration of the birth of Joseph Smith and showed it instead, which worked out really well, because we are going to be studying the Joseph Smith History for our summer institute class.  Well all is well that ends well, what was frustrating at the beginning, turned out to be a great fireside, next week we start our classes. WE LOVE THIS MISSION !!!!!!!!!!!

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