Monday, May 7, 2012

Pres. Dalmer Released

Elder Dalmer has been serving as the Branch President for the Mand branch, and Sunday he was released and a new branch President was called and sustained.  Elder Dalmer has done an amazing job, it has been hard to serve as branch Pres. and do Missionary work. We have had several Missionaries that have been called upon to do this.  Elder Tadd and Elder Dalmer are the ones that I know of.
Ginger & Willard and their Daughter
Married March 13, 2012 by
Pres./Elder Dalmer

Pres./Elder Dalmer with Ginger & Willard

Elder Dalmer with Sanisher & Johny
Married  April 7, 2012

Pres./Elder Dalmer with
Francisco & Miaina
Married  April 19, 2012
   While serving as branch Pres. Elder Dalmer performed 3 marriages, pretty impressive for a 19 year young man.  He wanted me to post those pictures for his family and all of you to see.  All of the people he married, got baptized. It was really neat to see them progress.

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