Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mothers Day for Missionaries

   Had the best mothers possible.  Since I am not home with my children and grandchildren, we decided to try to help 3 mothers here to have the best mothers day ever.  We have 3 families here on the Island that have children on missions in the States.  Because they do not have phones, electricity, and certainly not computers, we offered to make all the arraignments for them to skype with their children on Mothers day, something they have done the whole time their children have been gone. They have never received even a phone call on Christmas.  So with a lot of prayers and work, we got all the missionaries contacted and had them make arrangements on their end to skype with their families and on our end we made arrangements to get all the families to the church where we can get the Internet, so they could skype with their missionaries.
  First was the Kalio family, they have a daughter on a mission in Wyoming, we had some problems getting the connection to work and after 30 minutes past the time we were suppose to have called, we finally said a prayer and ask for help,  within 3 minutes of saying Amen, the computer connection worked. They got to visit with their daughter for 1 1/2 hours.
   Then came the Elowise family..they had car problems, and after being more then an hour late, we finally made the connection for them with their son, who is serving in the Ogden Utah Mission..He comes home in about 1 month, but he won't be coming home to Pohnpei, he will be going to North Carolina, to live with an Uncle so he can have the opportunity to go to school. this is the first time his family has seen him since he left almost 2 years ago and they won't see him again for a very long time.
    Then the Makaya Family, now you might remember us mentioning a young man in the MTC in Provo who was from Pohnpei, he helped us in the MTC. Well he is now serving in the San Francisco Mission, and be cause his family did not have any way to talk to him at Christmas, this is the first time for their family also to talk to him.
The Kalio family, waiting for the computer

The connection comes through

The Elowise family

The Makaya family

Elder Bourne talking to his "MUM"  he is from New Zealand

Sis. Salaiau, talking to her mother in Papa New Guinea,
 her family doesn't have access to a  computer, so she got
to make a phone call

Elder Makaya and Elder Elowise friends

Sis Varea, she got to skype with her family on Monday from our apartment

Happy Sis. Salaiau
     Words cannot express the feeling when those mothers saw their sons and daughter on the computer, Elder Lefevre and I were both crying with them. they were so happy. We told them we would make sure and help them again next Christmas, when their kids are allowed to call again.
     Monday was spent with Elders and Sisters coming to our apartment and skypeing with their families from their.
      Our daughter Carrie and her family called early Sunday morning and our son James and his family called later on Sunday, before we headed to the church.  I was able to talk to Ben's family today and I hope to still be able to connect with Jeffrey, Janelle and Lydia
  All together it was a great Mothers day.

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