Sunday, May 27, 2012

Jaceleen, finally baptized

Hope you all remember Jaceleen, she is the wonderful lady who had an addiction to everything you can get addicted to on this Island, well last night she was baptized.
   Tears rolled down her and my faces as she entered the waters of baptism and finally was able to make her covenant with the Lord.
  Lilly Ann was also baptized, she and Jaceleen are cousins and both are nieces to Marleen who is going on a mission.
Jaceleen & Lily Ann, with Jaceleens father, Lily Annes Mother
and Elder Madil and Elder Pierson

Happy Jaceleen and Sister LeFevre

Elder Pierson, Lilly Anne, Elder Madil

Elder Pierson, Jaceleen, Lily Ann, & Elder Madil

Elder Pierson, Jaceleen, & Elder Madil
What a great night

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