Monday, May 7, 2012

Things I am grateful for

Hello everyone, for this week, I have decided to tell you the things I am most grateful for. First, I am the most grateful for a loving Heavenly Father, who loved me enough to send His Son, my Savior, Jesus Christ, to the earth to atone for me, so maybe someday, if I do my part, I can go back Home.   I am grateful for the example the Savior set for me, He taught me what I need to do, to come Home one day,  I am grateful for "Goodly" parents, who taught me the Gospel, and set an example for the way I should live. Thanks, Mom and Dad,  I am grateful for the Best Husband in the world, I love Him and am grateful that he is patient with me, I am grateful for the 8 most amazing children I have, 4 which I gave birth to and 4 that I am blessed to have loved my children and married into my family.  I love you all.  I am profoundly grateful for my 6 little grandchildren,  Sophia, Calan, Enzo,Maggie, Lydia, and Adalina,  I may be half way around the world, but I love you with all my heart and miss you even with more of my heart. I am grateful for packages from home, for Dvd's of my sweet grandchildren, for the gifts that have been sent to ease the burden so many here carry, you will never know just how much a simple thing like the Personal Progress books, Journals,  reading glasses,  candy etc. mean to these people and to me, because i love these people. I am grateful for  friends named Cathy, Janice, and Sam who I met in Pohnpei, they bless my life. I am grateful for the best missionaries, both young and old, who I am blessed to serve with here, they teach me daily by there example and love for the Savior. I am grateful to be in Pohnpei, with the most amazing people, who teach me daily to be grateful for every little thing and count my blessings. I am grateful to give 2 years of my life in total service to my Father in Heaven, it is a very small way I can say Thank You to Him for all His tender mercies.  Right now , those are the things I am the most grateful for.. Thank you to all of you for making them a part of my blessings.  I love you, have a great week.  Love Mom

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