Saturday, May 26, 2012

Farewell Party at Nalop

Playing Mormon Bridge with the Missionaries

Elder Tadd, yum, it is lunchtime


Our Sister Missionaries,  Sis. Salaiau, Sis. Kennach, Older Sis. Varea & younger Sis. Varea

Elder Loveless

Elder LeFevre, wow,  this is the life

boat to Nalop

Leaving Nalop

Our Crew

Our Missionaries

The most AMAZING missionaries on the Earth
 We had a Farewell Zone Activity at Nalop. Three of our missionaries are going home, they have finished their missions and are now home with there families.  We will miss them, all three are amazing missionaries, their love for the people and the gospel was contagious, and I know they taught us a lot. There example helps us be better missionaries.  Farewell to Elder Tadd, Elder Crapo, & Elder Donakey

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