Saturday, May 26, 2012

Graduation at OWHA Christian School

Graduates Marching in

Graduates being seated

Graduating Class of OWAH,  2012
We were invited to a high school graduation at the OWHA Christian School.  That is the school who received all the sewing machines and fishing gear from the church.  When we arrived, we were ushered to the front to reserved seats, we actually sat in what would be like the Governor's box.  We sat with the Governor and his wife the Lt. Governor and his wife, the 1st councilor in the District Presidency, and then there was us.  It was really neat.  There were 35 students in the Graduating class and they have a tradition where each student had made a pre-recorded video to all the people he or she was grateful to for helping them to get to this point in there life.  then as the Video played, the student handed out Flower Lays to all the people he or she mentioned in there video.  It was really touching, to see all these kids crying as they gave the Lays to there parents, family members, teachers and friends who they were grateful too.  Then when the ceremony was over, we were ushered out with the dignitaries to go through a reception line to tell all the Graduates congratulations, we were sure glad Pres. Kalio was there, so we could watch him and know what to do.

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