Saturday, July 20, 2013

Zone conference & Devotional at the Congress for the opening session

     We had a great Zone conference, we ( all the Sr. Couples) had to be excused for the beginning, we had been asked by the Speaker of the House to present an opening Devotional for the Congress.
    Never before has the LDS Church been invited to do any devotional for the Congress, let a lone the opening session. It was a great honor and great for the Church and the Islands image of the church.
     Bro Jack Yakana and his wife have been called by the area as the new Public Relations people, so Jack has been checking out all kinds of opportunities for the Church to get out in the Public more.
    this is helping tons with the missionary work, because people are getting a good impression of the church. We are now being recognized more by the Government of the Federated States of Micronesia.
    Elder LeFevre was able to be part of a "meet and greet" with the Governor, now we are ask to do the Devotional, Bro. Yakana says his next goal is to get to meet the Pres. of the Country.
    I think he will do it.

     Then we went back to a wonderful Zone conference, it was on unity. We have a lot of new missionaries, and as with all new situations, there are things we all need to learn and work on so that we can let go of silliness and work together on building the Kingdom.
   We love it when Pres. & Sis. Mecham come, they are inspired and always help us to be better missionaries.
Waiting for the Devotional to start, greeting members of congress

District Presidency were given seats of honor

Members and helpers in Congress

Young Women sang a special song

Pres. Kalio gave a spiritual message on how government needs to ask God for
direction when making decisions for the country.

Us with the Speaker of the House

This lady has lived her for about 30 years, she came as a
Peace Corp worker, and stayed.
Without Bro Yakana, this  would not have happened. 

Missionaries visiting with Sis. Mecham as they wait for their interviews
Sis. Fatongia, Elder Bourne, Sis. Varea, Elder Holt, Elder Hanson, Elder Barrus

Sweet Sis. Mecham, Elder Hanson & Elder Holt

Pres. Mecham

Elder Tupua

Elder Peterson & Elder Bunn doing a roll play

Tired Elder Rice

Elder Vause & Elder Madill

Elder & Sister Chandler

Elder Leeworthy

Sis Ioane

Food, glorious food

Elder Ashcraft & Elder Gardner

Elder Barrus & Elder Bourne

More Food and Missioanries

Sister Roberts, Sis Varea, Elder Kruger, Sis Fatongia

Sis Fatongia & Sis Vave

Sis Beutler & Sis Ioane

Sis. Ma'a & Sis Varea

Elder Johnson

Elder Holt & Elder Nanson

Sis Mecham

He aint heavy He's my companion

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