Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sr. Missionary Conference, Our last

      This is the last of 4 Sr. Missionary Conferences we have had the blessing of attending. We love them. To learn from our Pres. & Sis Mecham, and our CES director, Bishop Nicerio. To be among such giants, our fellow missionaries, It is always so renewing.
     This year was the best one yet. We arrived late Saturday, and got up early Sunday and went to Church. Then on to Pres. and Sis Mechams house for Sunday dinner and getting to know the other couples.
   Since our last conference, in January, we have had 6 Sr, couples and the mission nurse go home. So we had a whole bunch of new couples and nurse to meet. We loved it. We were so impressed with the new couples, they are so strong and had such great idea's. They will be a great blessing to their Islands. And you could just feel the strength in them. We are so grateful we get to serve with this new group for a few more months.
    We got a lot of new ideas for each of our programs, and felt such a strong presence of the Holy Ghost. It was amazing.
     We were the Sr. Sr. couple, we are the old timers now, the couple that has been out here the longest. As we look back, we can't believe how time has just flown. We love this work, and we love this place in the world, we love these amazing people we serve with and the amazing missionaries and members on our Island of Pohnpei, but most of all, we love the Lord and His son, Jesus Christ.
    This has been the best thing for our lives.
Dinner at Pres. & Sis Mechams

Sunset on Guam

Elder & Sis Prince  -  Guam

Elder & Sister Carter  -  Palau

Elder & Sister Norton  =  Guam

Elder & Sister Garrett  -  Yap

Elder & Sister Olsen  -  Guam, Family History

Pres. & Sis. Mecham

Elder & Sister McCabe  -  Guam  -  Military Specialist,
They are respectivily 83 & 82,
 So you are never to Old to serve a Mission

Elder & Sister Crisp  -  Chuuk

Minute to Win it,   Get the cookie from you forehead
 to your mouth without using your hands,
you young people got nothin on us old people

Minute to Win it, using a straw, get the M & M's from the package to the plate
 in a smiley face.

Elder & Sis Chandler

McDonalds in a Container

Brats with Sam at McCrouts

Sis. McClellan, Guam, Mission Nurse
Finding Elder Eyre, we had to search, but success at last
Elder Eyre and us
Finding Elder Cole, Elder Eyre and another Elder, a real treat
Elder Cole and us, he goes home in a week

Elder & Sister Eldredge, Elder &Sister Prince, Sis McClellan, Elder & Sister Carter
2 wonderful missionaries who use to be on Pohnpei, Elder Cole and Elder Eyre, we miss them

Shopping for supplies


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