Saturday, July 20, 2013

Dinner with the Elders

       Elder Holt has been bragging about how great the Pizza is that he makes, so after listening about it for weeks( probably months)  He invited Elder LeFevre and I to dinner.  We made a cake( because you always have to take a treat when you visit Elders and Sisters) and off we went after we and the Elder got back from teaching, about 9:00 p.m.
     It was amazing to watch as Elder Holt made Pizza out of Spam, Pinapple, mushrooms, chicken, red sauce and Alfredo sauce. As he prepared, he told about how he and his dad make "Killer" Pizza. Well Brother Holt, your son has kept us the family Pizza tradition.
    Who Knew, that spam on Pizza would actually taste not to bad.
   We had a great dinner with Elder Holt, Elder Vause, Elder Ashcraft & Elder Nanson. It was great to visit and get to know each of them as we got dinner ready and ate.
   And don't worry President Mecham, we were cleared out by 10:00.
  Thank you Bro Holt, for teaching your son to make GREAT KILLER Pizza, even out of Spam!!!!!
The Dough

Elder Vause

Elder Ashcraft

Hard day at missionary work, Elder Ashcraft & Elder Nanson

The GREAT Pizza

Elder Nanson, trying to "Help" the cook

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Elder Holt is going to make someone a great wife someday


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  1. Oh, my..... that isn't exactly the pizza I taught him to make! It is a good thing that he is great at improvising, I think. Please consider yourselves invited over to our house for real Killer Pizza when you get back to Utah!

    Thanks for all the great posts - It is so good to hear you are all doing well.
    Bro. Holt