Monday, July 22, 2013

Chester & Maggie get baptized

    It all started with Jovania, last fall, then Wallace,  Then Puis & Julia, Now Maggie & Chester.

        Last summer and fall, we were helping the Nett Elders teach a great lady named Jovania.  She accepted the Gospel and was baptized, while teaching her, her nephew Wallace sat in a couple of lessons, next thing we know Wallace wants to get baptized. While we were teaching Wallace, his aunt and mother sat in a few lessons. Next thing we know his aunt Julia and her husband Puis are listening to the lessons, Julia and Puis get married and several weeks later get baptized. Well while we were teaching Julia and Puis, Maggie, Wallace's mom, sits in a several lessons. After a while, we notice that Maggie always has Julia's  Book of Mormon. So we mention to the Elders, you guys should be teaching Maggie, she is reading the Book of Mormon, well they were so focused on Julia and Puis, they did not notice Maggie, so one lesson later, Elder LeFevre and I asked Maggie if She has any questions, wow, she opened up, told us she had read the Book of Mormon, and had a lot of questions, we all answered the questions, pretty soon Maggie and her husband also want to get married, so we help make the arrangements. then Maggie says she wants to wait to get baptized until her husband is ready. We have been waiting about 3 months, well Maggie finally decided she was tired of waiting and she got baptized.
    Chester is Jovania's son, that usually does not live with her, well he has been staying with her and he wanted to know about the church, so she had the missionaries come over and teach him. Chester got baptized with Maggie.
    Wallace, Maggie's son, baptized Chester, he said he was afraid to baptize his mom, he thought he might drop her, so Maggie had Elder Nanson baptize her. We told Wallace, that baptizing Chester was just practice and when his dad is ready, he needs to baptize his dad. Wallace said he would.
    It all started with Jovania, and now so many in her family have accepted the Gospel all because of her example and testimony.
   It can all start with each one of us, Share what the gospel means to you with others, and you too, will leave a legacy of loved ones in your wake.
   Share this Gospel, It is True and all the world needs to know.

Maggie, finally

Julia & Wallace

Wallace & Elder Vause

Wallace, Chester, Maggie, Elder Nance

Jovania ( right in the middle), Julia, Me, Elder Nanson, Chester, Elder Holt, Wallace, Elder Cook, Maggie
Elder LeFevre & Elder Ashcraft, the only ones missing are Puis, Julia's husband (he is working in the states),
and Elder Eyre, he was transferred to Guam soon after Jovania was baptized. 

Elder LeFevre, Maggie, Sister LeFevre
Elder Eyre ( as we found him on Guam), It all started with Elder Eyre and
Elder Cook and us teaching Jovania.

An emotional Elder Nanson, he was key is teaching Maggie & Chester

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