Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Introducing the Chandlers & UH Baptism

     So Saturday we took the Chandlers around the whole Island and introduced them to Branch Presidents, there Seminary Teachers and students. We were not able to get everyone, but we got a lot of them. Then we went on to the Uh Baptism, Maeve. It was a full, fun day.
A surprise visit to Pres. Ramon's home, Tasha was happy to meet the Chandlers

While driving, we stopped to check on some sick Elders, they were doing  better

Pres. & Sis Conrads, Sis Conrad teaches Seminary in Kitti

Then on to Maeva's baptism, she was so happy

2 happy missionaries, Elder Bunn & Elder Peterson

A little swim after the baptism

Elder Chandler telling a story & Elder Bunn Translating,
it was a hoot

Family Home Evening with the Epina's, they loved
the Chandlers

Just one of our beautiful views

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