Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sis Seiola leaving for her mission

      We went to Sr. Missionary conference in Guam this last week, but we got to have a special experience getting there.
      Cynthis Seiola was leaving for her mission, and she happened to be leaving at the same time we were, so we got to fly to Guam with her.
    Now to many of you, you are thinking was is so special about that, well let me tell you.  Cynthia has never left the Island before, she has never flown, she has never seen things like escalators, elevators, an airport, a McDonald's(  I know, hard to believe) etc. So we got to be part of her first experience in these things.  First came the Airplane, she was very nervous, so Elder LeFevre sat in her seat and she came back and sat by me, by the window. As the airplane took off, she grabbed my hand and held on tight, then as we landed in Chuuk, she about came unglued ( Chuuk has a very short runway, and it has ocean on 3 sides, so it is a little frightening even for a seasoned flyer to take off and land in Chuuk), I calmed her and told her the landing in Guam would be much smoother. ( Now for those of you who know me, you are probably laughing, as you know, I am not a very brave flyer) As promised, the landing in Guam was much better. She was amazed at how big Guam was, she had never seen so many lights in her life. ( it was dark when we arrived) Then we helped her get into her line in the Immigration and customs. Our line was short, so I waited for her. then came the escalator. That was a treat.  She just looked at it and I tried to explain to her how to get on, and where to step, she watched others, and then said she was ready. So we were going to do it together. Well as I stepped on, she jumped back, so I turned around and said ( as I was moving down) come on, you can do this, just step and hold on. So she did, and the look of wonder as these moving stairs took her down was a picture, I will never forget, then had to explain to her how to get off. that was fun. then we took her to get her luggage and through another customs line and we were out the door.
What a treat, we take a lot of things for granted, but when you see them again through the eyes of someone who has never done, or seen such things. It is an amazing experience.
Cynthia and her Mom

Cynthia, Sis. Chandler and Cynthia's mom

Sis. Seiola had some questions, she was worried about her daughter

Us, Sis. Seiola, and Cynthia

A happy, excited Cynthia

Cynthia, with her brother and sisters and her mom, her father
passed away many years ago

Cynthia's brother and Mom

Cynthia and Madonna, her little sister

a last goodbye

One last wave, and through the doors she goes..........................

with me and the rest of the Sr. couples behind her.

and once we were through security, we saw some tired, sleepy travelers...................

many tired, sleepy travelers.

except the Chandlers, they were watching a movie to stay awake. 

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