Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy 4th of July, 2013

     We had a busy 4th of July, meetings in the morning, visiting the sick, getting missionaries on an Airplane and then on to the Embassy for a 4th of July Celebration. We had a nice program, and luncheon of Hot dogs and Hamburgers. Elder LeFevre was ask to give the closing prayer and blessing on the food and he sat at the VIP Table, with the President of Micronisia, Senators, Ambassadors from Australia, Japan, China, and of course the USA and after lunch they had entertainment. It was great fun and then off to teach Missionary & Temple Preperation Institute Classes
Elder & Sister Chandler, Sis Vincent

V.I.P. Seating, Elder LeFevre was ask to sit here, because he was giving
one of the prayers and blessing on the food

Even Pres Obama came to our celebration, although he
kept falling over. 

Pres. Many Mory, Pres. Federated States of Micronesia,
Elder LeFevre got to sit right across the table from him

Senator David Paneulo, Senator in Micronesia, Elder LeFevre also
got to sit with him

Love the glasses

Love the Flag even more

this one is for our Daughter, Carrie

Ambassador Doria Rosen, an amazing lady,
we have had several occasion to see her and hear her and talk to her,
she is doing great things for Pohnpei.

Sis. Chandler, Ambassador Rosen & I

Island Dancers

Great hair do's

Uncle Sam and Mr. Obama

Youth from all over the Island, sang for us

Peace Corp group sang a few songs

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