Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A few things I have learned from the Book of Mormon

     Do you ever ask yourself "Why did the prophets in the Book of Mormon feel inspired to write about certain events?"  for example.
Why so many stories of bloodshed and conflict?
Why so many stories of disobedience and obedience?
Why did Moroni choose to write the things he did in the last chapters of the book, the book of Moroni?
   I have been thinking a lot about those kind of things as I prepare to teach the Book of Mormon Institute Class this year and as I have pondered, I learned some things.
   Now you are all a lot smarter then me, so you probably already knew these things, but I wanted to write some of them down, while they were fresh in my mind.
1.  In the beginning of the Book of Mormon, we learn about the importance of obedience to what ever God asks of us, and listening to the promptings of the Holy Ghost. Out here there have been a lot of things that the Lord has asked us to do, things that I thought I can never do that. I have learned that when we have a Nephi attitude "I will go, I will do", and put our trust, faith and hand in the Lord, he can help us do those things we think we can't. In fact, when we just do it, He makes us equal to the task, no matter what it is. If He wants it done, He will help me do it, even when I think I can't/
2.  When there is conflict, we have to learn when we stand up and fight and when we remove ourselves from the conflict.  After Lehi dies, things get much worse between Nephi and Lamen and Lemuel. So the Lord tells Nephi to take those that follow him and leave. Get as far away from the conflict as you can. We can't hear the whispering of the Holy Ghost, when we are having conflict in our lives, so we have to find a way to resolve the conflict. Sometimes the Nephites had to fight, but a lot of times, the Lord told them to just leave. It is the same with us, sometimes we will have to stand up for what we know is true, and other times, many other times, we just need to stay away from the situations that are causing the conflict, so we can hear what the Lord wants us to do. Sometimes we have to swallow our pride to do that, because the "Natural"man does not want to back down, but when the spirit leaves, so should we.
3.   ALWAYS watch for teaching moments with your families, you never know when something you taught them will help them to turn to the Lord.  Enos was hunting in the forest and he remembered the words of his father. It helped Enos to turn to the Lord and he became a great leader for righteousness. What if his father had never taught him to trust in God.  Alma the younger, turned his life around because of the prayers of his father, and after he taught the many things his father had taught him. Moroni wrote the words of his father and when he was all alone for so long, he knew he could trust in the Lord and he was not alone, because he had been taught by his father.
   I am grateful for the things my parents taught me, many times when I am struggling, I remember the words of my Father and Mother. I remember how they taught me to always turn to the Lord and He will help me know the right things to do.
I am learning that when I need to solve a problem, I look for the answer in the Book of Mormon, every answer to every problem we have and will ever have can be find in the pages of this inspired book, because the Book of Mormon is from our loving Heavenly Father. He knows how to solve all our problems, and He gave us the answers in His guidebook, The Book of Mormon is the word of God.

Got a problem, start reading and praying, I promise you will find the answer in the Book of Mormon, with God's help.
  I know the Book of Mormon is true.

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