Monday, July 8, 2013

Sick Sister Vave

    We have had a busy week, it seems each week gets busier. We thought things would slow down a little with Institute being out for the summer, we thought we would have more time to go teaching with the Elders and Sisters, our favorite thing, but it seems, Heavenly Father, in His tender mercies, held off problems until the semester was over. For that we are thankful.
     We have had several sick missionaries, don't worry parents, all are on the mend now, but just in this week alone we have been to the Hospital 5 times. Between Parasites, Strep Throat, and Infections to the heart because of Strep Throat, we have not gotten much sleep this week.
     Sweet Sis. Vave, got strep throat and she waited to long to go and get it checked, by the time she went to the Dr. she had a really bad infection and within days of getting medicine the infection had traveled to her heart. She was admitted to the hospital and there she stayed until flying to Guam on July 4. While she was there, several of us took turns sleeping at the hospital, I am so grateful for the other Sister Missionaries and Sister Chandler who all helped take turns, I only needed to sleep there one night. Well to put your minds at ease, Sis. Vave was checked out by a cardiologist in Guam and there is no permanent damage to her heart. She will need to continue to take her medicine and take it a little easy, but she returned to the Island today and we are so grateful to have her back. She shared a sweet story with me about her family, that she has given me permission to write about.
    She finally called to let her parents know what was going on, and to her surprise, her mother said, that she had a dream and knew that her daughter was sick. So the family had started a family fast. when Sis. Vave called, they were just getting ready to close their fast.
    The Lord watches over His missionaries and there families, and lets families know when extra prayers and fasting are needed. So if you get a prompting about your son or daughter out here, listen to it and put their names on the prayer roll at the Temple, fast for them and say extra prayers for them.
   We also had both our Elder Petersen and Elder Peterson, in the hospital because they drank bad water and got parasites. They are both on the mend also.
    Satan is really trying to stop the work our here, because the work is going so well, so please add some extra prayers for all of us out here and all over the world. The Lord hears and answers prayers, and this is HIS work, so if you will pray, we will be o.k. and the work will move forward.
Look Mom, I have an IV

But I am tough, i am a Vave

Elder LeFevre made a spaghetti dinner for Sis. Vave and the other sisters
to eat at the Hospital.

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