Sunday, August 26, 2012

Teaching the One

     Teaching the One took on a whole new meaning today.
     We have started back to school this week, so we are now teaching Institute 5 days a week now.  Besides teaching at the Sapwalap and Palikir Branches, we are also teaching on the Campus of the College of Micronesia. We taught on the National Campus last spring, so we have a lot of students there, but we are starting a new class on the Pohnpei Campus, and word hasn't gotten around as much there yet.
   Today we had 1 student come to class on the Pohnpei Campus. Wilson Rodriguez came.  Wilson does not even attend school at Pohnpei Campus, but had heard about the Institute Class and it was the closest to his home, so he walked the 3 miles to come to class.
    So Wilson and Elder LeFevre and I sat in a circle and had class. We are teaching the course "The Life and Teachings of Jesus and His Apostles" and our lessons today were on the birth of the Savior, John the Baptist and Christ Baptism, and the 3 temptations of Christ.
    We thought it would be awkward, just the 3 of us, but as we all talked and read from the Scriptures, the Spirit filled that little classroom, and we all learned. Wilson loved it, we loved it. All were edified.
     What we thought would be a failure turned out amazing, for all of us. I remembered the story in the scriptures about Christ leaving the 99 and going out to find the one. That was what it was like. Wilson, is just starting to get back into church, and had we canceled the class, because no one else showed up, we and he would have missed out.
     Christ did not care if there was 1000 or 1 person, He loved them all and took the time with each one.
    If Wilson is the only student that shows up the entire semester to class, we will be there every week.
He is worth the effort, we all are.

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  1. Excellent perspective--thank you for reminding me about the need to leave the flock and minister to a single individual once in a while.