Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New Challenges

     It is official, we are the youngest Island in the whole mission.  We have more new Missionaries than any other Island.  While this is wonderful, because we have all these missionaries now, it also presents some challenges.
     Probably the hardest challenge is the Language.  You see we only have 2 missionaries on the Island that are completely fluent in the language and one of them  goes home in November. So we have missionaries that are still learning the language themselves, teaching the new missionaries. It is great, because both are learning together, but it is frustrating for all the missionaries.
     They want to get out there and teach the Gospel, and they are having a hard time doing that because of the language barrier. The members are great to help all of us and the Spirit of the Lord is so strong. I have truly witnessed the Gift of Tongues, as we all struggle to speak to the people we love in their language.
     I have also witnessed that the language of the spirit, knows no barriers. When the spirit whispers to our investigators, there is no language barrier. It is really amazing.
We all teach each other, Elder Vance, teaching us.

Elder Gasu, first time conducting as one of the new District Leaders

Our Awsome Zone Leaders, Elder Peirson & Elder Davis

Sis. Varea and Sis Varea

Elder Gasu & Elder Hanson( been here one week)

Elder Butler, one of our A.P.'s

Elder Vance & Elder Eyre

Elder Cook & Elder Bourne

Our Sweet Sisters Varea

Elder Davis & Elder Pierson, our 2 most experienced missionaries on the Island
     So we will all press forward with faith, and keep trying our hardest, and I know the Lord will continue to pour out His spirit upon us, because He loves these people also.

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  1. Interesting, challenging, but inspired! These young, new missionaries will learn the language and will be like Ammon and his brothers among the Lamanites as they share the gospel with multitudes!