Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sick or Not, The work must go on ...............

       Well, when you are in the Lord's service, the work goes on, even when you are sick.
     Yesterday was our big Young Adult/ Institute Activity. We decided to have the Theme be obstacles in our lives. So after an opening prayer we were off and running, literally.  We played a game called "Obstacle Course Kick Ball" and it was a blast. We set up the game like regular Kick Ball and then we made it interesting. Between home plate and first base, the obstacle was a table you had to duck and crawl under. Between 1st base and 2nd base, you had to hop half way in a gunny sack, then loose the sack and run the rest of the way.  between 2nd and 3rd base was the "banana leaf Zig-Zag" you had to zig-zag between all the banana leafs.  Between 3rd base and home plate was the "Slip and Slide".
      Out here, this was the first time any of them had seen a slip and slide. We made it from a huge tarp, laid out on the ground, with water and dish soap on it (the dish soap makes it more slippery). and the game was on. We had a blast. All the young adults loved it, especially the slip and slide.
     then when the kick ball game was over, we went in to cool off a little while we played "obstacle course Duck, Duck Goose". Now just use your imagination. Around the outside of the circle were chairs you had to jump over and tables you either had to crawl under, or shimmy on your tummy under to get through, all  while being chased and the chaser had to go through the same obstacles. It was hilarious.
    After both games, we started volleyball, and ping pong games. The Young Adults played and mingled while we fixed Root Beer Floats for dessert.( It was a miracle, only 1 store had any ice cream left on the whole island and I had to go to about 5 stores to find any root beer.)
    While eating our Root Beer Floats, we all sat down and talked about the obstacles in our own lives, that get in the middle of each of our "straight and narrow" paths. We talked about how we can get through the obstacle in our lives and stay true to the gospel and our baptismal covenants.
    It was a great day, but boy are we tired. We could not have done it without a lot of help from the Lord. With both of us being sick all week, we prayed hard and ask Heavenly Father to please just give us the energy and strength to do His work. He sent help in the form of a young adult named Jeffrey Gallon, and Elder and Sister Kjar, and Elder Vincent. ( Sister Vincent was home sick with the same thing we have). And when it came time to clean-up. all the wonderful young adults helped.
Team Ready? Let's play ball

Our First Slip and Slider

What, no one will kick it my way

Sliding is easier on my butt

Or all 4 's

Not sure about that whole water obstacle

Jeffrey, our helper

Megan, what kind of base is this?

Nothing changes, the girls still check out the guys, and the
guys are oblivious.

What would we do without amazing Sis. Kjar

Duck, Duck Goose, Notice our 2 man table holders.

Ping Pong anyone?

Our Church made Ping Pong table.
     I am so grateful to know that the Lord answers our prayers and helps us to accomplice, what we think we can't.

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