Wednesday, August 1, 2012


          Do you ever have those moments when you wonder if you are doing any good? Well, let me tell you about our week, so far.
       As you already read about, last Friday, we had a great party with the Nett Branch. Well, evidently, we hugged someone a little to much, and they had a wonderful "Bug" and we got it, along with Sis. Kjar and some of our younger missionaries.
       I was feeling great and then at 2:00a.m., Monday morning, I felt like someone had just hit me with a truck. by Tuesday, I was sure it was a dump truck that had hit me, and by yesterday, Wednesday, I knew it was a Semi. To put it lightly, I have never been this sick, that I can remember in my whole life.  The bugs out here are a little stronger than the bugs back home. Well This morning, I could finally lift my head off the pillow, without pain to my whole body and guess what? That's right Elder LeFevre woke up with the same bug. So we went to District meeting and came home and did a few things for some Elders and now Elder LeFevre is in bed. We also had Sis. Kjar with the same thing and our younger Elders with a lighter version of it.So why do I write this, trust me it is not to complain, it is to share what we have learned while being sick and are still learning.
       It is amazing to me how the Lord knows everything, and He always prepares a way for His work to continue. This is why, we think, we got so sick and are having a slow recovery. Let me explain.
      Last week the Elders in Kitti had a problem with their truck, what we thought was a minor problem turned out to be a major one and the part won't be here for 3 weeks. This week the Elders in Palikir( the zone leaders), had what we thought was a minor problem with their truck. Well, like the Kitti truck, it turned out not to be so minor, so now their truck is out of commission, until parts come. Now to many of you, you are thinking, what is the problem, just walk. Let me explain the logistics of our Island. The Kitti Elders area is probably about 8 - 10 square miles, through Jungle, It is the second largest area on the Island, and through some pretty rough area, where it would not be wise to be out after dark, on foot. Their nearest neighbors are the Palikir Elders, who's area is also large. Well when the Kitti truck went down, the Palikir Elders stepped in and helped, now the Palikir truck is also down. Here is another interesting fact, the busiest area is the Nett area for teaching and baptisms, Elder Vance and Elder Gasu are on fire, and they are teaching more then all the other areas. Well, the next 2 busiest areas are, you guessed it, the Kitti and Palikir.
        Satan, is really working at shutting down the Pohnpei Zone.
     Besides broken vehicles, including bikes, there has not been one set of companions that hasn't been attacked by sickness of one kind of another in the last 2 weeks.
       You see, the spirit has been being poured out upon our little Island, even the Mission President, Pres. Mecham said, "There is something happening on Pohnpei, you can feel it" and you can. More and more people each day approach the missionaries and want to know about the church. Members are starting to catch the vision and their part in it. You can feel the Love of the Lord and the Savior almost everywhere you go and the Church is growing here. Our Island, is the closest to being ready to become a Stake, and the blessings that would come with a Stake would further the work even more. Satan knows that and he is trying to stop it from happening.
       But let me tell you about our amazing missionaries, through all the sickness, broken down vehicles, getting lost in the Jungle. They are truly " Gods Army" out here. They have pulled up their bootstraps and continued to work hard. They have given each other blessings, stepped in and helped each other and us old couples. They are amazing to see and I truly feel, maybe a little, like Helaman felt, in the Book of Mormon, when he talked about the "Stripling Warriors" They never do doubt, because they had been taught by their mothers ( and fathers), that if they did not doubt God would deliver them. They strengthen my Faith each day and they diligently serve the Lord they love. All you Moms and Dads out there, you would be very proud of your sons and daughters. I truly believe they are the best of the best.
      So back to why we have been so sick this week. A car was needed for the Elders, because of 2 broken down trucks. With us sick, and some coordinating with the other Sr. couples, the car we share with the other Sr. couples,  was available.  Some of the other Elders and Sisters needed us to do some things from our apartment, that we would not have been able to do, if we would have been well, because we would have been gone. Did our missionary work suffer. YES and for that we have felt so badly, but when we see the work that was done, and the help we have been able to give from home, even being sick, we are o.k. with it and we hope the Lord is too. Next week, we will be back up to full speed, in fact we are hoping and praying by Saturday, since we have our big Young Adult activity.
   So next time you think you are not doing any good, because of one trial after another, just stop and find another way to help. And instead of feeling sorry for yourself, change your perspective and ask yourself, what can I learn from this.
      When you ask, it is amazing what the Lord will teach you.

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