Saturday, August 4, 2012


     The End to any day, that makes it perfect.  Baptisms

After our activity, we hurried home so we could attend one of the 6 baptism on the Island. (We had 8 baptisms in one night 2 weeks ago)
    Patrick, is a young man, 21 I believe, He has wanted to get baptized for a long time now, but always waited, because his family is against it.
Well  Patrick decided that this week, he was getting baptized anyway. So He was baptized last night.
    He decided he will not tell his family yet, he will just let them watch the change in him and then when they ask, he will tell them he was baptized.
   He has such a strong testimony, and he said , even if they kick me out, It is worth it, because I know it is true.
Elder Eyre, Patrick, & Elder Stewart
   I have no doubt, he will bring many of his own family into the church, just by the example he sets.

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