Saturday, August 4, 2012

Remember the Sabbath Day, to keep it Holy.............Even when you are on vacation........

        So I heard an interesting thought from our District Pres. He said " The Lord doesn't take a vacation from listening to and answering our prayers".  It made me think.
      It was said, in jest, because someone forgot to come to a meeting, because they were on vacation. So, he made the comment, " Well, remind them that the Lord doesn't take a vacation from listening to their prayers"
        I thought a lot about that, and he is exactly right.  All those times, when maybe we don't fulfill our callings so well, or we are on vacation, so we don't go to church, or  maybe do things that really don't keep the Sabbath day Holy. Or we complain and murmur about things. HE never does that. HE always listens when we pray and always answers our prayer, maybe not always the way we think HE should, but HE does always answer. HE never goes on vacation from us.
           So next time I am someplace that it would be easy to forget the Sabbath Day is HIS day, I am just going to remind my self. HE NEVER TAKES A VACATION FROM LISTENING TO AND ANSWERING MY PRAYERS.

        I hope HE never does.  Mosiah 11: 24 - 25

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