Friday, August 17, 2012

Welcome, Welcome to our new Missionaries

 Today we got 4 missionaries on the Island. 3 New and 1 returning after being on Guam for a few months. They look a little tired, a little "deer in the headlights", but they will be great missionaries, and we will love them.  They come ready to put their whole heart and soul into the work. It may be hard to send them home, when it is time, but the Lord always sends us new ones to help with the work. I truly think we have the BEST missionaries in the whole world on our little Island.
The welcoming committee, a little scary looking, especially the guy in the
front of the line, Elder Pierson, our Zone leader

And here they come, Sister Beautler

Elder Hanson

Elder Madill, with his "greeny" Elder Lyman

Elder Hanson

Welcome, Welcome

Wait, could it be, yes it is, Elder Davis, in the back of the line, returning from Guam

Sister Varea

Our Sisters

Yum, goodies from Sis. Kjar

Aren't they the best looking Sister Missionaries you've ever seen!!!!

Ready to work

Yes, it's true Mom and Dad Davis, he is really back on Pohnpei, and we
are so happy to have him back, Welcome Back, Elder Davis, our newest
Zone Leader

Long plane rides and food, a sleepy combination

A bite to eat and then they are off to work.
     Welcome, Welcome, Welcome, lets go save some souls.

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