Sunday, August 26, 2012


      Last night we were invited to a welcome home party for one of our branch presidents son's and his wife and baby.
       Pres. Ongesal is the Branch President in the Palikir Branch and his son moved away 5 years ago to go to school. He and Sister Ongesal have not seen him since.  In that 5 years their son got married and now has a 20 (approx) month old little boy.
       Pres. Ongesal has been telling us for a couple of weeks now that his son and family were coming. His son has an internship for 2 months on the Island, so his whole family came. His wife and little boy will be going back home in a week, because of work and school schedules, but he will stay until November.
      Pres. told us how he truly thought he would never see his son again and never meet his little grandson.
  Well, they arrived on Friday and the welcome party was last night.
     Words can't really describe the joy in Papakolup and Nonokolups (grandpa and grandma) eyes as they watch their little grandson run and play. As the night went on, little Carter started getting tired. So Papakolup picked him up and walked him until he fell asleep.  His daughter in law asked if he wanted her to take Carter and Papakolup said "No, I will walk him all night, just to hold him"
      Elder LeFevre and I looked at each other, remembering the many days and nights we have walked our grandchildren, and I must admit, we were a little homesick for them. We completely understand how Pres. Ongesal felt and tears filled both our eyes as we watched Papakolup and Nonokolup walk and hold their precious little Carter.
Pres, Ongesal and Carter

Pres. Ongesal and Sister Ongesal and Carter

Sister Ongesal and a sleeping Carter.
       So when all of my children read this, your Dad and I want you to do us a favor. Give our precious Sophia, Calan, Enzo, Maggie, Lydia, and Adalina a hug for us. Walk the floor for just a few moments for us and hold them just a little longer for us. We can't be there to do it, so please do it for us and tell them it is from Grandma and Grandpa.  I know it's silly and sappy, but do it for us anyway.

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