Monday, August 13, 2012

Two New Testimonies

      I thought that I had a testimony of every aspect of the Gospel, but I have gained a testimony of 2 new things. Let me share.

       Stony Fritz and his wife just got back from the Philippines, do you want to know what they were doing there. They were finally able to go to the Temple in Manila and be sealed.
        Jack Yakana and his wife and children are going to the Temple in November, along with Marven and Juliiette Jack, Brian and Maylene Jack, The Krispen family (7 children and parents) and about 4 other families.
      Do you want to know how this miracle was and is able to happen out here, where these people have nothing. I will Tell you.
     The only way they can go is because of the "One time Temple" fund. Pres. Monson talked about it in the last conference.  These wonderful families have waited a long time to finally be able to have their Temple work done and to be able to be sealed, both as husband and wife, and to have their children sealed to them. They are so grateful for the blessing that it is finally their turn to have.
     I have a testimony of this wonderful Fund that provides for families to have one opportunity to go and have their families sealed. Without it, these families would never be able to afford to go. And to see the light in their eyes when they return. Well, there just are not words to describe it.
     Now let me tell you about another thing that I have gained a strong testimony of.
     Nayleen Kalio, Jackson Makaya, and Elder Eloisea. All wonderful young adults from our tiny Island of Pohnpei, All either serving missions or just finished.  Marleen Epina, Jennifer Mark, Roger Paulis, Melvin Joseph, Lenny, Megan, all have either recieved mission calls and are getting ready to leave in the next 2 months or are just turning in mission papers. Laven, Levaugh , LeRoy & Sandra Kalio, Jefferson Redes, Awalt, Jeffrey Gallon, All will be able to turn in mission papers in the next 6 months.
     What do they all have in common.  The General Missionary Fund of the Church.  You see, just like the Temple fund, The General Missionary fund is the only way any of these young men and young women could serve missions. They can only come up with, Maybe, $10.00 a month towards a mission, so the rest of their mission is paid for from the General Missionary Fund of the Church. And unfortunately, their parents will never have the opportunity to go as a Sr. Couple, because their is no fund for that. So they send their children to serve the Lord and they give the Lord all they have, both in service themselves and in money, just so their children can go and give the Lord their all.
      So next time you get a tithing slip, and you maybe have a little extra money, donate it to the Temple Patron Fund ( for the one time visit for those that can't go other wise) or give it to the General Missionary Fund of the Church. Or better yet, divide it up and give a little to both.
      I see both of these funds in action out here and I now have a testimony of both of them. They do so much good and bring so much JOY to all of Gods children. Without this money, their would be no hope out here for future missionaries and families to be sealed for the eternities.

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  1. Pretty humbling to realize the circumstances some people are in compared to our own. We have four temples in the Salt Lake Valley alone! Thanks for sharing.